CIO attention: Saint-Gobain glass favors the mystery of Zhongwang CAD

Informatization construction is of decisive significance for an enterprise. With the in-depth development of informatization, CAD (ie computer-aided design) software, as the third largest software after operating system and office software, has been widely used in engineering survey and design, machinery manufacturing, electronic and electrical, etc. CAD software is a very important industrial design software, which is increasingly valued by enterprises. However, in the process of selection, many enterprises are easily caught in the confusion of how to choose in the CAD selection of information construction. Saint-Gobain Glass Company is an early and relatively successful enterprise in the information construction of the industry. What are the secrets? Let's uncover the mystery and analyze some of the conditions in the selection of the company for reference.

Saint-Gobain glass background introduction

Founded in France in 1665, Saint-Gobain is one of the world's largest manufacturers of architectural glass and automotive glass, and is a leader in the European industry. The Saint-Gobain Group is the European and world leader in all of its industries and is one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world. It has been listed on exchanges in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Brussels and Amsterdam. In 2008, the world's top 500 ranked 110th, and the top 100 building materials ranked first in the world. As early as 100 years ago, Saint-Gobain launched its business in China. Saint-Gobain Group has entered the Chinese market since 1985. The Group has established 46 companies and companies in China so far. The total number of employees in China has reached more than 11,700. The total sales of the Group's enterprises in China in 2007 reached 7.6 billion yuan.

In the past few years, Saint-Gobain Glass Co., Ltd. has transformed from a pure trading company, that is, a high-quality architectural glass imported from Europe, into a high-quality glass manufacturing enterprise that produces locally, using advanced technology and technology to provide customers with With high quality products, Saint-Gobain's operations in China have laid a solid foundation for the Group's future development in the Asian market.

St. Gobain Glass Co., Ltd.

Improve the competitiveness of enterprises, industrial design is king

As an industry leader, Saint-Gobain Glass attaches great importance to product design and invests a lot of manpower and material resources. The company has always believed that industrial design software is the driving force for industrial upgrading. CAD software is a very important industrial design software, which can be designed by computer. Sketches automatically generate work diagrams to help companies take the initiative in the R&D design phase and play a pivotal role.

Saint-Gobain Glass currently has two high-quality float glass production lines in China and an internationally advanced vacuum magnetron sputtering off-line coating line with an annual output of 6 million square meters of low-emission and solar control glass. With a large investment in product research and development, the company has been a market leader in the field of low-emission Low-E glass manufacturing. Throughout the design and production process, CAD software is the main operating tool and plays a key role.

Selection of the collection: only choose the right one

According to the person in charge of Saint-Gobain glass informationization, their company attaches great importance to legalization, and initially contacted Autocad, but the cost is too high, so it looks for cheap domestic products. Before purchasing Zhongwang CAD, the company has tested many foreign and some domestic excellent brand software, and finally decided to choose Zhongwang CAD, mainly for the following considerations:

1. Fully compatible with all versions since AutoCAD 2.5, the previous drawings can be directly opened for editing, and the working interface, operating habits and even shortcut keys are exactly the same as AutoCAD, eliminating the cost of re-learning and saving the mind;

2. Zhongwang CAD is the best software among all the domestically tested software. It has fast speed and automatic recovery function. It can automatically recover files that have not been saved before even if the machine suddenly loses power and the software ends illegally. At the same time, Zhongwang Software has some very useful personalization functions, which are not available in AutoCAD.

3. Zhongwang Software has support for multi-language input, which facilitates the cross-language collaborative design of drawings and the interactive use of drawings in different countries and departments;

4, Zhongwang CAD is also a cost-effective software, which can greatly reduce the investment cost of enterprises. In March 2008, Saint-Gobain Glass purchased the Zhongwang CAD software and promoted and applied the Zhongwang software under the direct leadership of the company's leaders. It has been proved that Zhongwang CAD can not only meet the design needs of Saint-Gobain glass, but also regularly arrange technical return visits to maintain The timely update of the software makes the company very satisfied.

According to the latest IDC release report, China's growing SMEs will usher in the climax of enterprise information construction. In this regard, Saint-Gobain Glass said that informatization is the number one project, and the success of the selection of information systems is crucial to the future development of Saint-Gobain Glass. Due to the excellent service sweetness of local software vendors, Saint-Gobain Glass has purchased Zhongwang CAD seven times since 2005. It has become a hardcore user of Zhongwang CAD and is willing to support the domestic software to make progress together.

About Zhongwang
As the world's leading supplier of 2D & 3D CAD design software solutions, Zhongwang has been providing excellent CAD software solutions for domestic and foreign companies since its establishment in 1998. At the end of July 2010, Zhongwang Company officially acquired all the intellectual property rights and core R&D team of the well-known VX CAD/CAM software in the United States, and became the only high-end 3D CAD/CAM solution manufacturer in the world with the entire intellectual property rights in China.

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