Large-scale inventory of ceramics

In 2009, the spurt-type sales market was in the forefront, and no one would have thought that the ceramics industry in 2010 ushered in the worst year in the history of development. After entering April, many ceramic enterprises began to appear large-scale inventory, and in July began a large-scale price war and the "sadness" situation of production suspension.

The common language, "seven dead, eight live and nine turned over", but in September 2010, there is no sign of "turning over", and some companies' production lines, especially the tile production lines, are quietly "lying" in the production workshop. Not far away, the product is full of warehouses, and even filled with blank aisles in the company's factory, this will be the toughest year for the ceramic industry!

What is the reason for the ceramic enterprises to appear such a rare scene? Ceramic manufacturers' excessive optimism about the trend of China's ceramics market in 2010 is the "culprit."

In May of this year, Hu Yiheng, the chairman of Jiangxi Sun Ceramics Co., Ltd., said that the ceramic industry with rapid growth in production capacity at the current stage, investment, especially small-scale homogenized product investment can not hold the mentality of making quick money, must have a business, long-term Preparation for development, otherwise the risk is great. Sure enough, with the rapid increase in production capacity and the increasing homogenization of products, inventory pressure has increased day by day in the past three months alone.

The reporters learned in the building materials market in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces that due to the adjustment of the national “house control” policy, the demand for ceramic products in the middle and low grades has decreased compared with previous years; Hunchun, Hunan Yueyang and other places built more than 20 production lines last year, and a large number of products were preferentially released into their own provinces, greatly reducing the output range of ceramic products.

According to industry experts, from the current trend, sales in the second half of 2010 will be less than the first half of the year, so the inventory pressure in the second half of the year is extremely high. If some companies' stocks are not released in a certain amount in November, many companies will have a kiln holiday in December.

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