Meteorological drought has occurred in the local area of ​​Guangdong, and it is more likely to pay attention to the drought in winter and spring.

In the past three months, precipitation in western Guangdong and northern Guangdong has decreased by 2 to 50% compared with normal years. Especially since the end of October, the area with less precipitation has expanded significantly. In most areas, precipitation is more than 60% less than normal. According to the meteorological drought monitoring, due to long-term and low rainfall, the current 43 provinces and cities in the province have experienced different degrees of drought, and Nanxiong has reached the level of meteorological drought. It is estimated that the total precipitation in most parts of the province this winter and spring will continue to be less than 20%, and the local partiality will be less than 40%. The possibility of continuous drought in winter and spring is relatively high, and the development of drought needs close attention. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
According to the comprehensive analysis of the latest meteorological information, the total precipitation in winter and spring in 2010/2011 will still be less, and the possibility of meteorological drought in winter and spring is more likely in most parts of the province. In addition, winter temperatures in Guangdong Province in 2010/2011 are slightly lower, but the cold spring is moderately lighter. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
In the next 10 days, there is still no obvious rainfall in Guangdong Province. The specific weather forecast is as follows: On the 30th, the sporadic rains in northern Guangdong turned cloudy, and most of the rest were cloudy and sunny. From December 1st to 3rd, due to the influence of weak cold air, Yuebei was cloudy, and the rest of the cities and counties were cloudy. On the 4th, the province was dominated by cloudy weather. On the 5th, there were showers in the cloudy part of the northwestern part of the province, and the rest of the region was dominated by cloudy weather. From 6 to 7 days, due to the influence of strong cold air, there was a process of decentralized rain and precipitation in our province. The temperature in all areas dropped significantly by 6-8 °C. On the 8th, the province was dominated by cloudy weather. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Countermeasures and Suggestions Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
1. It is necessary to continue to strengthen monitoring, forecasting and early warning of meteorological disasters such as drought, and to carry out artificial precipitation enhancement operations in a timely manner, depending on the development of drought conditions. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
2. It is necessary to prepare for the thoughts and materials for the drought in autumn, winter and spring; and to pay attention to the impact of the salt water tide formed by the decline of river water level and the backwater irrigation of the seawater on the water supply in the Pearl River Delta region. Optimize the deployment of water resources to ensure residents and agricultural production water. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
3. The temperature is high, the air is dry, and the fire risk level is high. It is necessary to further strengthen the monitoring and prevention of forest fire prevention and urban fire insurance. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
[Note]: Meteorological drought is also called atmospheric drought. According to the national standard of the People's Republic of China on meteorological drought level, meteorological drought refers to the imbalance of income and expenditure due to evaporation and precipitation during a certain period of time, and the water expenditure is greater than the water income. Water shortage. Meteorological drought is usually mainly caused by the shortage of precipitation. It is a weather phenomenon caused by dry air and soil water shortage due to long-term and low rainfall. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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