2010 (Beijing) Locks Supply and Demand Fair was held

In order to promote the development of China's lock industry, expand exchanges and cooperation with the same industry at home and abroad, further improve the technical level of China's lock industry products, let the people use security locks, locks, improve the visibility and influence of enterprises and their products, and expand locks. Product promotion and sales channels. The Locks Supply and Demand Fair, organized by the China Security Association Locksmiths Branch and co-organized by the modern lock industry network "Modern Locks" magazine, was held on December 8, 2010 at Beijing Zhongtu Building. The companies such as Guli Security, Invincible, Jinzhe, Yuehua, and Yangjian Dida exhibited the latest products. Traders from the major lock operators and locksmiths from across the country conducted trade talks, technical exchanges, technical cooperation and products. Demo and other activities.

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