Six tricks to know the advantages and disadvantages of compound fertilizer

There are six simple ways to identify the advantages and disadvantages of compound fertilizers:

one look. First look at whether the fertilizer is double-layered, whether the mark on the outer packaging is marked with the trademark, production license number, standard number, total nutrient content, name and address of the manufacturer, and whether there is a product certificate in the inner bag, such as the above-mentioned logo is incomplete. , or a large number of elements and the trace elements of the medium and trace elements do not distinguish, it may be a fake product.

Two touches. Grasping the compound fertilizer with half a hand, leaving a layer of white powder on the hand and having a sticky feeling indicates that the quality is excellent; if the particles are touched, the fine white crystals are also indicated as high-quality compound fertilizer.

Three burns. Take a small amount of compound fertilizer on the iron sheet, burn with open flame, ammonia smell indicates nitrogen, yellow flame indicates potassium, and the more ammonia smell, the yellower yellow flame, indicating the higher the nitrogen and potassium content, ie For high quality compound fertilizer.

Four smells. Compound fertilizers generally have no odor (except organic and inorganic compound fertilizers), and if they have odor, they are inferior compound fertilizers.

Five soluble. The high-quality compound fertilizer has good water solubility, and most of the soaked in water can be dissolved, even if there is a small amount of sediment, it is fine. The inferior compound fertilizer is hardly soluble in water, and the residue is rough and hard.

Six tastes. Potassium chloride is salty. It can be tasted with a small amount of compound fertilizer at the time of purchase. If it is not salty, it is a poor quality product.
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