The two ministries have joined hands to break the issue of red mud and use the "money" landscape

Chinalco is expected to benefit directly
Red mud storage and storage costs are huge, which is a world problem. The reporter was informed on the 26th that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the "Guidelines for Comprehensive Utilization of Red Mud" (referred to as "Opinions"), increased support for the comprehensive utilization of red mud, and selected a number of demonstration projects to provide financial support. Relevant support will directly benefit listed companies such as Chinalco.

Red mud is a solid waste produced during the production of alumina from bauxite. For every ton of alumina produced, about 0.8-1.5 tons of red mud is produced. China is a large alumina producer, with nearly 30 million tons of red mud produced in 2009. At present, the comprehensive utilization rate of red mud in China is only 4%, and the cumulative stockpiles reach 200 million tons. They occupy land, waste resources, and easily cause environmental pollution and safety hazards.

According to the person in charge of the department, the reason for this situation is that the comprehensive utilization of red mud is more difficult than the other industrial wastes. However, there is no specific support policy in China, and the enthusiasm of enterprises to use red mud is not high. To this end, the "Opinions" clarify that it will establish and improve the support policies for the comprehensive utilization of red mud, increase the financial support of the central government, select a batch of red mud comprehensive utilization application demonstration projects and promote demonstration projects to give special support to the central government for clean production. . At the same time, the comprehensive utilization of red mud will be included in the national financial transformation special fund support focus.

The increased support of the competent authorities will inevitably benefit the companies that started earlier in the area of ​​comprehensive utilization of the red mud. Among listed companies, Chinalco is the vanguard in this field.

Previously, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association has already reduced the company's "Bayer process alumina red mud resource utilization comprehensive utilization technology", "Bayer process semen carbonation decomposition production of alumina process research" and "sintering process to Bayer process energy saving The three projects are identified as international leading, international advanced and international advanced.

The "Opinions" also proposed to integrate the key technologies of the comprehensive utilization of red mud into the national science and technology planning system to solve the key common technical problems that restrict the comprehensive utilization of red mud.

The two ministries and commissions requested that by 2015, the comprehensive utilization rate of red mud should reach 20%. Promote the application of a number of advanced and applicable technologies; build a number of application demonstration and promotion demonstration projects with driving effects; create 2-3 red mud comprehensive utilization demonstration bases with a certain scale to form multi-channel, high value-added red mud comprehensive utilization development pattern.

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