How to quickly identify fake deterioration fertilizer

The method for identifying the quality of fertilizer can be summarized into five words, namely, seeing, touching, burning, testing, and testing. The identification methods for several types of main fertilizers are as follows:
(1) Nitrogen fertilizer. Counterfeit urea in the market is generally the bottom of the fertilizer bag is ammonia bicarbonate, above is urea, which is characterized by good fluidity above, no flow or even agglomeration below, and can smell strong ammonia smell, you can judge this is A pseudo urea mixed with ammonium bicarbonate. If the flow is good, only the particle color and particle size are inconsistent, it is a mixture of urea and ammonium nitrate. The two can be further distinguished by the following three aspects. 1 appearance. Urea and ammonium nitrate are odorless white particles. The difference is that urea is translucent particles, the surface is not reflective, and the surface of ammonium nitrate particles is bright and has obvious reflection; 2 feel. Urea is smooth, loose, and has no moist feeling; ammonium nitrate is smooth and moist; 3 fires. Put the two substances on the red charcoal or iron plate, the urea melts quickly, and the white smoke has ammonia smell; the ammonium nitrate is intensely burned, emitting strong light, white smoke, accompanied by a "squeaky" sound.
(2) Phosphate fertilizer. The main counterfeit calcium in the market is phosphogypsum, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, waste cement residue and the like. The way to distinguish it is: 1 appearance. Calcium is dark gray or grayish white, light gray loose powder, sour; phosphogypsum is grayish white hexagonal columnar crystal or crystalline powder, no sour; calcium magnesium phosphate has no sour taste, is very dry vitreous fine or Fine powder; waste cement slag is gray powder, dull, with more hard materials. After pulverization, the powder is thicker and has no sour taste; the color of brick powder is blue, the powder is thicker and has no sour taste; . The calcium is heavy and the hand feels but it is not frivolous. The phosphogypsum and calcium magnesium phosphate are hardly soluble in water, and the waste cement is added with water to form a slurry and re-solidify. In the identification, if the acidity is too rich and the water is too much, it is a non-product calcium which is unqualified.
(3) Potassium fertilizer. Commonly used in the market are imported and domestically produced potassium fertilizers, which are sold as imported potassium fertilizers. The color is white or red, and the potassium fertilizer after mixing is poor in fluidity. Potassium sulphate and potassium chloride, potassium and magnesium fertilizers are mixed and sold as potassium sulphate. The blended potassium fertilizer is light yellow, white or yellowish, red crystal. In addition, sodium chloride (salt) can also be used as a potassium chloride. A small amount of fertilizer can be placed on the fire. If the purple flame is potassium chloride, if it produces a yellow flame, it is a counterfeit product.
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