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After the floor covering is completed, the two parties shall check the installed works within 3 days after 1 day. Acceptance should be paid attention to: the floor should be overall smooth, walking without sound, no stains on the surface, no damage, tight seams, seam glue seal. The perimeter is smooth and there is a 10mm~12mm expansion joint. The cover is tightly closed, and the edges, baseboards, and floor and wall surfaces are flat. The floor attachment pavement is correct and reasonable, which will not hinder the floor expansion and contraction.

Three-point floor, seven installments. If consumers want to have a comfortable floor, not only the quality of the floor itself is better, but the installation process of the floor is also very important. In order to let everyone in the home life in the future, to avoid the various problems arising from improper installation of the floor, will show consumers the process of multi-layer solid wood flooring installation.

First, measure the room area

Before installing the floor, it is necessary to accurately measure the paved area of ​​the room in order to be aware of the material loss during the entire paving process.

Second, the ground leveling

The horizontal error of the ground cannot exceed 2mm. If it exceeds, then you must find a way to level it. If the ground is uneven, not only will there be gaps in the baseboard, but the overall floor will also be uneven and there will be abnormal sounds, which will also seriously affect the quality of the floor.

Third, open the package to pick the color and determine the paving direction

Before paving, it is necessary to place the floor in accordance with the principle of the same color and texture as possible. In this process, it is also possible to check whether the floor has a problem of size or head cracking.

Fourth, cleaning the ground

Clean up the garbage on the ground, including every corner, because if the floor is not clean before paving, you can step on the floor and use it to “sand” the sound later.

Five, insect powder

Multi-layer solid wood floor board embryos are made by hot pressing with glue, and the temperature is low. If there are eggs in the core board, they may not be completely killed. Therefore, pest control should be done during installation.

Sixth, shop damp film

Before the formal pavement is installed, the moisture-proof layer should be laid so as to prevent the floor from getting wet later. The damp-proof layer should be laid flat and joints should be close together.

Seventh, formal paving floor

Laying the floor does not seem to be too high technical content, but still need skills, not too hard, otherwise the splicing will be convex. It is worth noting that the keel that the floor touches must have a nail. When fixing the floor, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the floor has cracks at the end, the height difference between adjacent floors is too large, or the gap between the panels is too large.

Eight, cleaning

Well-known well-known flooring brands, responsible for on-site installation of the master after the pavement is completed, will clean the site again, the garbage generated during the installation process clean and take away.

Nine, customer acceptance and signed warranty card

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