Nanjing 500 elevators will be monitored in real time this year

On the 6th, the reporter learned from the Nanjing Bureau of Quality Supervision that Nanjing has piloted the real-time monitoring of “Internet of Things elevators” and that Hexi has already monitored 20 elevators. He can find out the faults, organize rescues, and realize intercom. Video function to appease trapped people. It is reported that 500 elevators will be piloted in residential buildings and shopping malls in urban areas this year.

How to monitor the elevator in real time for 24 hours? According to Wang Huifang, an engineer from the Nanjing Institute of Special Equipment Safety Supervision and Inspection, using an Internet of Things to monitor elevators means that an elevator car is equipped with an acquisition system that transmits information to an emergency treatment center and monitors the running status, video and audio in real time for 24 hours. Once the elevator fails, the fault alarm signal will pop up automatically, analyze and diagnose online, and inform rescue workers at the first time.

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