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Pragmatism is out of date

Practical, simple and fashionable style will still be the main trend of the home in 2010. This style of home is not easy to outdated, regardless of color or shape is a generous style, simple and revealing personality. The characteristics of this style are: it is very prominent personality, the entire style will not change due to changes in time. Due to the acceleration of the pace of life today, people's lifestyles and attitudes to life have become very compact. The tired and tired look of a busy day will be swept away by a simple and stylish home, allowing them to feel comfortable, relieve stress, and heal. .

Modern fashion is the mainstream

For the general public in 2010, the modern fashion style is still the mainstream. Because it is not fixed in modern fashion style, there is no major change, as long as it can stimulate the eye of consumers and attract consumers' sensory systems, it is a hot sale. Modern fashion style home, it is not as atmospheric and dignified as European home, as long as it can emphasize the taste and style of the settlers. The characteristics of this style are: fashion, modern, alternative, assertive personality.

European integration into Chinese style

In 2010, the decoration design will take the simple style as the general trend, and this simple style will be divided into Chinese-style simplicity and European-style simplicity. In its unique style, European simplicity will also enter the Chinese style. Based on the interpretation of its own characteristics, we must still take the Chinese style as the essence. We must create a home with a unique combination of Chinese and Western cultures, but on the whole They also use the simple and clear outline as the main line, and the hue and mix can all be changed by personal preference. The characteristics of this style are: simple, generous and stylish. Today's home is more feminine in color, pink is the main color in recent years, the more discerning colors in the past are now a large area of ​​practical, soft colors make your home more warm and romantic.

Soft outfit becomes the highlight

The 2010 decoration design will focus on soft decoration, because many of today's homes rely on these accessories embellishment to reflect its overall style. The design trend of renovation in 2010 will be based on traditional styles, and this traditional style will be divided into Chinese style and Western style. The Chinese style is characterized by an elegant and scented spirit and takes the Chinese style. The western style is based on European and American classical styles. It is made from pure natural materials. Some bamboo tables, ancient bronze table lamps and carved iron frame beds all highlight its style. Nowadays, European and American classical styles are mainly divided into Roman classical styles and Spanish classical styles. And the three major categories of Italian classical style.

Three groups of three trends

Renovated in 2010, different people have different needs. The high-consumption layer pursues high grades and has a high cultural content, which belongs to "new classical Europeanism". The color popularity of this level of home is not clear, but the personal style is obviously enhanced. The Chinese consumer pursuing is mainly based on Chinese-style modern and concise, white-collar workers mostly belong to "modern Chinese style." This level of home-based culture, the environmental protection of the material requirements are high, even if the lack of money but also the pursuit of "high-grade" and "visual effects" home combination. The blue-collar workers and workers are the most low-level consumers. The “minimalism” is the first choice for them to adopt the modern individualized thinking line. Their requirements for materials, etc. are not high, as long as the price is low, only for a visual effect.

No school is popular

Home trends in 2010 will be more stylish and more attention to overall coordination. Regional culture will be more integrated into the home culture to form more home styles that do not have a specific style. Home design is no longer simply a decorative space but also a plan for improving and guiding the quality of life of residents. All styles and techniques, including fashion elements, are not independent and are tools for home design. Diversification of all elemental fusions will give rise to more ways of enjoying. Homeless design without genre and style constraints will become popular in 2010.

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