Teach you how to do a good waterproof wall

Mr. Wu's home was renovated together with his neighbor's home while staying at the same time. Six months later, the surface of the lower wall of the Wujia corridor shelled and spread gradually. Because Wu Jia’s side corridor and the neighbor’s bathroom were separated by a wall, it was estimated that there was a water pipe in the bathroom wall and there was a problem. So he responded to the neighbour’s neighbor and the neighbor’s answered that the wall had not passed the water pipe and was tiled. In normal times, only water can be found on the tiles when bathing.

To this end, Mr. Wu consulted an “old master” who had worked in a construction company for more than 40 years. It turned out that the wall was not made of a waterproof layer. Afterwards, according to his methods, Mr. Wu first removed the shell from the wall, made a waterproof coating, dried it, and then painted it. In the following five years, the wall did not come back.

Most of the current room types are sanitary partitions that are either bedrooms or halls. If the bathroom is properly decorated, it will not leak water. In order to prevent leakage of water, it is best to add a process before the wall decoration - wall waterproofing layer, so as to prevent leakage, but also play a role in preventing moisture.

Nowadays, the design of rooms is more and more humane. In order to prevent the walls from leaking water, separating dry and wet rooms can reduce the troubles of the owners.

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