China will achieve full coverage of highway monitoring

China will achieve full coverage of highway monitoring In 2012, during the Mid-Autumn Festival of the National Day, the expressway realized the policy of avoiding tolls. On the one hand, it promoted people's travel, but on the other hand, it also reflected the problem of highway congestion in China. Relevant person in charge said that the real-time traffic map on the expressway will promote the relief of high-speed congestion and punish vehicle violations. China will soon promote the entire highway monitoring system.

It is understood that at present, the traffic department has been able to carry out real-time monitoring of the road conditions within Beijing's Wuhuan. When the public travels in the morning and evening peaks, according to the red, yellow and green lines, they can know where traffic jams are, and they can find roads to bypass. In the future, when citizens walk on the highway, they may also see similar real-time road maps.

During the double festival period, due to the implementation of high-speed and free-use minibuses, the flow of traffic on the expressway has also increased by 30%. The congestion at Beijing Express, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau, and Beijing-Tibet Expressways is particularly serious.

After the holiday, the municipal traffic committee made a comprehensive summary of the various high-speed free-use protection mechanisms, systematically studied and analyzed some of the high-speed road congestion during the holiday season, according to the crux of the key nodes and road sections, comprehensively adopted measures such as engineering transformation, order guidance, etc. Improve access security capabilities.

At present, the transportation department is studying the promotion of full coverage of high-speed video surveillance, speeding up the implementation of the real-time operating status map of the expressway, and providing decision-making services for citizens to travel and manage. The reporter learned that the monitoring of highways currently focuses on important points such as toll stations, entrances and exits, and the monitoring of road sections cannot be completed. After the implementation of free highway access policy, real-time traffic monitoring is particularly important, and the traffic department has also accelerated the construction of real-time road maps.

In order to cope with the traffic flow of large traffic, solving the problem of highway congestion is an urgent task. It is indeed an effective method to implement high-speed monitoring at high speed. On the one hand, the driver can understand the road conditions. On the other hand, relevant departments can also perform the first time. Vehicle scheduling, slowing high-speed congestion.

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