How to choose different occupation helmet colors

1. Should choose qualified products
Hard hats must be produced in accordance with the national standard GB2811. The ex-factory products should pass the quality inspection department's inspection and meet the standard requirements before they can issue product certifications. When purchasing a helmet, you should see if you have a production license and validity period, and whether there is a LA flag.

2. Choose the right variety

(1) According to the performance selection of the helmet: Each kind of helmet has a certain technical performance index and its scope of application. For example, when selecting a helmet in a low-temperature operating environment, a low-temperature-resistant plastic safety helmet (tested at a low temperature of -20°C ± 2°C, the impact absorption and puncture resistance still meet the standard requirements) and a cold-proof helmet should be selected; The operating environment should be selected from high temperature resistant plastic safety helmets or glass steel safety helmets (high temperature 50 °C ± 2 °C treatment, impact absorption performance and puncture resistance are still in line with the standard requirements); in the power industry contact with the power grid, electrical equipment should be selected with electricity Insulation helmet; In the flammable and explosive environment should be selected to have antistatic performance (resistance is less than 1 × 109Ω) helmet.

(2) Select according to specifications and dimensions.

(3) The choice of styles, large hats and big caps, are suitable for open-air operations. Such helmets are resistant to sunlight and rain. The small caps are suitable for narrow spaces where the range of activities such as indoor, tunnels, culverts, laneways, forests, and scaffolds are small and prone to brim collisions.

(4) The color of helmets should follow the principles of security psychology. The internationally more common yellow plus black bar is a sign that gives rise to vigilance, red is a sign that it is restricted or prohibited, and blue is used to show the effect. Therefore, it is advisable to use white, light yellow, and light green for the hard hats used by ordinary trades. For miners' safety helmets, the coal mines are accustomed to adopting black colors. This may be due to the fact that the coal dust is black and the safety helmet is not visible, while other colors are easily noticeable. However, the miner's safety helmet is black and apparently does not meet the safety ergonomic principle, because the lighting under the mine is poor, and the black miner's hat is vulnerable to visual accidents when the contrast is not obvious. Therefore, bright colors should be used for ease of detection and alertness. The color of the miner's cap is now in addition to black, but there are other colors, and the reflective cap or luminescent material is stuck on the helmet so that it can attract people's attention in the dark light. Some departments use different colors of safety helmets to distinguish between positions, such as safety management personnel wearing white safety helmets marked with a green cross, and maintenance personnel wearing orange-red safety helmets. In forest harvesting sites, red or orange helmets are visible and easy to spot. Radioactive work environment is usually a purple, brown safety helmet. Inflammable and explosive workplaces use red helmets.

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