How to choose high definition network camera?

In recent years, with the high-volume application and popularization of high-definition surveillance projects and projects in safe cities and road monitoring areas around the world, there have been numerous reports of police cracking down on cases with high-definition surveillance and arresting criminals. Record the truth, trace the source, punish evil and promote good.

It is undeniable that security monitoring has entered our lives and we are affected. With the increasing popularity and promotion of high-definition surveillance products, it is believed that HD surveillance will create a safer and better life for people. China will soon enter a harmonious society. For us, what kind of product is the most suitable for us? The current HD network camera in the most clear the better? In the following, we will help you solve the selection of HD network cameras confused.

1, clear or not, practical and most important

When we choose a high-definition camera, clarifying our own needs is the most important preparation. At present, the average video camera already has a very high imaging capability. Therefore, unless you need very special monitoring capabilities (such as intelligent transportation, financial institutions and other fields), an ordinary high-definition network camera is sufficient to meet the daily needs of security monitoring work. Excessive imaging configuration not only causes waste, but also does not bring more convenience to the monitoring work.

2, imaging quality, many aspects

The performance of high-definition cameras must be judged from the picture quality. If you are sure you need a high-definition camera to meet your work needs. Then in the selection process, you need to pay attention to the clarity (moving, static), color reproduction, etc. of the camera under different conditions. There is also the ability to maintain the same clarity and stability in the picture quality when shooting different objects. Horizontal definition is only one of the major reference aspects for the imaging quality of a surveillance camera. Wide dynamics, automatic white balance, digital noise reduction, automatic metering compensation, etc. all have a profound effect on the imaging quality of security cameras. Whether the transition in the bright and dark transition area is natural, whether the wide dynamics can be automatically adjusted, whether the detail observation effect under low illumination is clear, and the degree of influence of noise and so on. To a large extent, they all reflect the level of high-definition cameras.

3, HD effects, multi-factor casting, the overall solution is the most important

In fact, in addition to the high-tech input of the machine itself, the supporting work of the HD camera is also an important reference factor for the quality of the image. For example, whether the monitoring camera's adjustment mode is perfect, whether the menu function is rich, and the lens selection during the installation and debugging process, will determine the clear quality of the picture to a large extent. In addition, whether the transmission line of the signal meets the transmission requirements of the high-definition camera, whether the compression and decompression of the terminal transmission device can be completed with high quality, and it also affects the work quality of the high-definition camera.

Therefore, the realization of high-definition surveillance can not only be accomplished by a simple high-definition network camera itself, but it can be achieved by a combination of security cameras, surrounding environment, and supporting equipment. Therefore, before selecting high-definition cameras, in addition to monitoring the camera itself, there will be more attention to the environment, I am afraid you will gain more than expected.

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