Analysis on the Three Characteristics of the Development of Submersible Pump Industry in China

(1) Seasonal

Well submersible pumps are widely used in the fields of production and domestic water intake, agriculture and forestry irrigation, factories, mines, water supply and drainage, etc., without obvious seasonality.

(2) Periodicity

The production and sales of well submersible pumps will be affected by the overall economic prosperity of the national economy and the changes in disposable income of residents. However, because the well submersible pump mainly meets people's most basic production and living needs, its demand is relatively rigid, so it does not have obvious periodicity.

(3) Regional

From a global perspective, the manufacturers of well submersible pumps are mainly concentrated in developed countries in Europe and the United States and a few developing countries such as China, India and Turkey. At present, the main production areas of domestic submersible pump manufacturers are concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and other places. Among them, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province has the most concentrated industry. About 60% of the submersible pumps in China are produced and sold in Wenling City.

From the perspective of customer distribution, affected by the world's climatic conditions, geographical environment and surface water pollution, users of submersible pump users are relatively concentrated in areas with severe drought, water shortage and surface water pollution, and have certain regional characteristics.

Global hardware network

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