Mitsubishi realizes 638nm red semiconductor laser with output power of 1.8W

Mitsubishi realizes 638nm red semiconductor laser with output power of 1.8W

Red semiconductor laser developed by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric's newly developed red semiconductor laser with an emission wavelength of 638 nm achieves a continuous drive light output of 1.8 W. The main purpose of this laser is the light source of the projector. In the red semiconductor laser for projectors with a wavelength of 638 nm, the world's highest light output power is achieved. According to Mitsubishi Electric, the increase in light output power is achieved by changing the layer structure of the laser element and adjusting the size of the light emitting area.

Compared with light having a wavelength of 642 nm, the brightness of light having a wavelength of 638 nm (brightness perceived by human eyes) is 21% higher. With a wavelength of 638nm and high light output power, a light source with a brightness equivalent to 220lm can be constructed. In addition, the power conversion efficiency of the newly developed laser is as high as about 38% (while the continuous driving temperature is 25°C and 1.8W), and the power consumption can be reduced.

In addition, heat dissipation is improved by changing the package size from 5.6mm in diameter to 9.0mm (TO-CAN package). As a result, an operating temperature range of 0 to 45° C. can be ensured in a continuous drive of 1.8 W. Even when operating at a high temperature of 55°C, a continuous drive with a light output power of 1.3W can be achieved.

In the future, Mitsubishi Electric plans to further increase its light output power and reduce its power consumption. In addition, it is expected that projector light sources will begin to transition to semiconductor lasers in 2015, and Mitsubishi Electric plans to commercialize the newly developed lasers in 2015. With this laser, a projector with high red reproducibility and low power consumption can be realized. Mitsubishi Electric is scheduled to release its development results at the "2014 Laser Display Conference" held on June 19-20, 2014 in Taiwan. (Reporter: Mikasa, NikkeiTechnology)

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