Firefighters are not unlocked by locksmiths

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What if the key is forgotten or lost? Calling the 119 telephone to help the fire department has become the first choice for many citizens. The reporter learned from the Wuhan Fire Department yesterday that the city received an average of nearly 100 cases of unlocking and seeking help from the police each month. Many people feel that they don’t say that they are looking for a professional fire protection lock. They are also free. Actually, the reporter’s investigation found that this kind of idea is very wrong. Firefighters are much less able to unlock locksmiths than breaking a locksmith. Breaking a door can cost you at least 1,000 yuan.

At 10:00 the night before yesterday, a fire truck whistled through the city of Hankou, and many people wondered "where it was on fire." As a result, a key member of the Jiang'an District forgotten the key at home. The police asked the firemen to help unlock the key.

Always be regarded as "free locksmith", so that firefighters are helpless. The fire department has a large part of the police force to use for things like “unlocking the door” and “removing the hornet's nest”.

Yesterday, the reporter randomly interviewed several netizens. Most people thought that it was more reliable to unlock the fire. Some even thought that the firefighter had a universal unlock key. The netizen “Uncle Duo” said: “Fire is a regular army, well-trained and efficient. To find a master, one must wait for a long time. On the other hand, considering the current market's cohabitation, there is no lack of ulterior motives and there is a certain security risk. ."

"For unlocking, we are neither professional nor adventurous," Xiao Li, a firefighter at the city's fire department, told reporters. According to the "Fire Law," fire extinguishing and rescue are the top priority for the fire department. Ordinary unlocking does not actually belong to the fire department. The mission is to be responsible for the safety of people’s lives and property. They are all “have to be out of the police”. However, there are two major drawbacks to finding a fire lock: firefighters will usually try to break the lock first, but they are not professional locksmiths, and the security level of the lock is now higher, and it is difficult for non-professionals to get through, if not open. They had to take the door open; some residents were reluctant to break the door and allow firefighters to climb from the roof of the house or next door. This requires the use of professional rescue equipment such as ropes and descents. It is very risky for fire fighters. Therefore, it is recommended that the public ask professional locksmiths to solve the problem so as to avoid taking up fire police and affecting the smooth flow of rescue channels.

The reporter asked a number of security door suppliers in Wuhan and found that the price of a security door ranges from several thousand yuan to 10,000 yuan, and the cheapest one also requires more than 1,000 yuan, and a locksmith is required to spend only tens of yuan.

China Rescue Equipment Network Security Reminder: Locksmiths also need to be unlocked

The thief used the unlocking company to open other people's doors to remove the property inside the house; someone used the unlocking company to change the key to the vacant house of others, and moved into the house to live... this kind of thing happened in recent years.

The judge said that if unscrupulous elements find the unlocking company to open the door and cause the owner of the house to suffer property damage, the homeowner can pursue the company’s responsibility to bring him to court. In this case, the unlocking company should be jointly liable and compensate the owner for losses. However, if it is those companies or individuals that have not registered with the Bureau of Industry and Commerce and the Public Security Bureau, it is an illegal act to open the door at random without permission, and criminal responsibility can be pursued according to law. It can be seen that verifying the identity of the victim and reopening the door is also a protection for the locksmith himself.

So, how can it be a normative lock? The police introduced that, as far as possible, dial 110 to find the unlocking company. Before finding a person to unlock, the owner must prepare such identity proofs as the ID card, real estate license, or lease contract. Or find community property, security and other staff as third parties to prove their identity. Otherwise, the company is suspected of infringement.

A special reminder is that if there is no valid certificate and no third-party certificate can be found, you can dial 110 at the same time so that the police can see the witness.

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