Airbus will use a modified "Westwind" drone to conduct a flight test activity

Airbus will use a modified "Westwind" drone to conduct a flight test activity

According to a report from China’s National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, Airbus’s Seville, Spain, stated that it will use a modified “Westerly” high-altitude long-season drone to carry out a flight test activity later this year and plan to further improve “West Wind”. The drone’s current 14-day flight time record has been obtained.

Jens Nielsen, head of UAS for the Airbus defense and aerospace aircraft division, described the solar-powered “West Wind” UAV as an “altitude pseudo-satellite,” saying that its production version can perform tasks such as communication relay and can be used as a continuous monitoring system in the future. equipment. Airbus received a 5-10 kilogram payload capacity of Westwind 7 from Qinetiq, with a wingspan of 23 meters and a take-off weight of 100 kilograms.

Nielsen said: "There is a roadmap to increase the load capacity - the Westwind 8 is now being built, and a new generation of drones will be built." He added that recent support work includes testing the aircraft's communications adaptability and photoelectric sensors. Airbus has used its satellite manufacturing experience to reduce the volume and weight requirements for the placement of critical equipment.

Airbus acquired the aircraft design in 2013. Prior to this, the British technology company had been working and testing the project for many years. (Zhu Jiaqiang)


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