For the bolts, the relative positions of the two sides of the template should be fixed accurately and firmly, and should meet the requirements of the specification.

When the external wall concrete is poured, in order to prevent the concrete from damaging the insulation board, the concrete pump tube must not be aligned with the insulation board. The high-conversion of the one-time concrete is controlled at about 50cm, and the vibrating rod cannot directly contact the insulation board to avoid damage to the concrete wall. After the template is removed, the through-hole bolt holes are filled with dry hard mortar, and the outer insulation layer is filled with the insulating mortar to the surface. The outer wall outer mold support adopts an outer hanging frame, and the upper and lower ends of the outer hanging frame and the wall body are covered with bamboo rubber sheets to prevent the outer hanging frame from squeezing the heat preservation plate. Quality control measures. After the Shule board is in place, the bolts of the large formwork should be pierced with steel bars, and then the wall bolts should be worn. It is strictly forbidden to directly smash people, otherwise large polystyrene scraps will be produced because of It is difficult to clean and affect the quality of concrete.

Since the thermal insulation layer is on the outer side of the concrete, its deformation displacement directly affects the thickness and quality of the wall plastering. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly ensure that the Shule board is in close contact with the external wall formwork when supporting the mold, and to ensure the spacer and the wall reinforcement, The binding between the thermal insulation board and the wall ribs is firm. The two-way spacing of the spacers is required to be 50. The relative positions of the two side stencils should be fixed and fixed firmly. The vertical and smooth surfaces of the slabs should meet the requirements of the specification. In the construction of each type of work, in addition to the self-inspection, mutual inspection and full-time quality inspector inspection of the team, it shall also pass the inspection and acceptance of the concealed project of supervision. Construction effect The construction method reduces the application process and takes less time. Compared with the traditional paste insulation board method, the application process is simple, the operation is convenient, the external template quality requirement is reduced, the labor intensity of the worker is reduced, and the total construction period can be shortened by about 3 %, reducing the cost, and avoiding the defects such as falling off and empty drums in the construction of the pasting method, and ensuring the quality of the project.

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