2016 brand floor tile latest price list

The purchase of floor tiles in our entire renovation process is quite large, but the price difference between the various brands of floor tiles is also quite large, today Xiaobian collected some latest information on the price of brand tiles in Qijia Mall. I hope to help everyone.

There are renovations year after year, brick prices vary year by year. Each year, there will always be some changes in prices. Some things are cheaper, some are more expensive, but our price in China is generally on the rise. What is the price of major brand tiles in 2013? Xiao Bian will give everyone a 2014 famous brand price list for your reference.

Lawrence Tile Color Rock Series Kitchen Bathroom Mediterranean Style Antique Brick Wall Tiles ------------------4.19 Yuan/Piece

LD tile matt brick Millennium brocade stone LSC6002 specification 600*600---------------------------65.00 yuan/piece

Ou Shennuo tile OM21060 wood grain marble------------------------------------------- 96.18 yuan/piece

Mei Tao Feng Hua Zhengmao translucent series vitrified tiles F-MPJ82253----------------------------------98.00 yuan /sheet

Marco Polo Tiles Sago CZ6902AS-------------------------------------------- 176.40 Yuan/Piece

Huida Tiles Simple Atmosphere Three Crystals Full Glazed GP6202----------------------------------94.00 Yuan/Piece

Yinuo tiles Shaannan 8QP525 glazed 800*800----------------------------------78.00 yuan/piece

QHTC strong-hui ceramics / polished tiles / jade exquisite H8822B tile tiles 800*800 --------------------48.00 yuan / piece

Marco Polo Tiles Imitation Wood Tiles Cherry Wood FP6013 150*600--------------------------8.80 Yuan/Piece

Marco Polo Tile Crystal Jadeite PF8203C-------------------------------------------- -68.00 yuan/piece

Hongyu Ceramic Cloud --------------------------------------------- ------------55.00 yuan/piece

29° Soft Light Series D6PD-C8------------------------------------------ ---------260.00 yuan/piece

Wrigley Tile Choi Wan South Series -------------------------------------------- ------10.00 yuan/piece

New Runcheng Ceramic 30*30 Non-slip Floor Tile ---------------------------------------- ---- 5.50 yuan / piece

Beautiful ceramic tile underglaze color 0839212 800*800 Living room bedroom -------------------------------- 125.93 yuan / piece

Marco Polo full glaze CZ6363AS--------------------------------------------- -76.00 yuan/piece

Xinzhongyuan CHZI81382---------------------------------------------- ---------65.00 yuan/piece

Na Forna (round pattern) YG800973------------------------------------------- -----79.00 yuan/piece

SMIC wood grain M09060KPP0--------------------------------------------- --56.00 yuan/piece

Dongpeng tile YG802073---------------------------------------------- --------68.60 yuan / piece

Asia --- antique tiles /TC3001 300*300-------------------------------------- 20.07 Yuan/Piece

Foshan Taoyuan Tiles—TZ8102-------------------------------------------- ------62.00 yuan/piece

Huida kitchen floor tiles DM30367-------------------------------------------- -----5.00 yuan/piece

Haze Jade Stone----------------------------------------------- --------------- 130.00 yuan / piece

Microlite 2-8AJ033: 800x800mm Suitable for indoor floor tiles ----------------------------- 344.0 yuan/piece

Jinouya gold statue line series vitrified tile 800*800-------------------------------------- -107.32 yuan/piece

80J507------------------------------------------------- --------------- 56.28 yuan / piece

Gold rudder ceramic microcrystalline stone JDB88031------------------------------------------- ---398.00 yuan/piece

All-china antique small floor tile --------------------------------------------- -----------2.00 yuan / piece

Summary: If you look at a certain brand of floor tiles above you can go to Qijia Mall to view and buy related products, in addition to the above listed prices will be mobilized with the reasons for the promotion, the specific price is based on the actual purchase .

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