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Noise caused by production factors and countermeasures

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-08-19

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This noise, although inherently due to manufacturing errors, is actually related to the selection of the smoothing agent, the condition of the bearing, the accuracy of the shaft and the housing. This noise is divided into two parts: the cage sound and the vibrating sound. Class; the description is as follows:
(1) The sound of the cage and its control method The sound of the cage is the periodic oscillation and noise announced by the violently oscillating cage and the rolling body impact; it is easy to present when the pocket is loose and the conflict is large.
This kind of noise is the first to occur in ball bearings and tapered roller bearings; and both the stamped cage and the solid cage can occur; it can occur when the grease is smooth or the oil is smooth; but when the smoothness is poor or the smoothing agent is dry, the radial travel When the gap is large, the outer ring receives the moment load; and when the cage layout is poor and the accuracy is not high; it is easier to attack; when the frame is severe, the cage web or the rivet head will crack.
The method of controlling the noise and oscillation of the cage is to use a smoothing agent with good smoothness, to reduce the bearing error of the bearing, to tighten the radial clearance of the bearing or to properly axially pre-tighten, and to select a cage with a reasonable layout and a reasonable layout. Bearing; or replace the bearing with a strong and unworn cage.
(2) vibrating sound and its control method vibrating sound is the noise directly related to the bearing wrinkling appearance waviness; this is a pure tone noise; about the stable speed; its frequency is also unchanged; and about the changed speed; Its frequency also changes.

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