Heat-resistant zinc pot workflow analysis

Internal heating technology and metal composite material heaters Refractory materials Zinc boilers are mainly heated and internally heated. The upper heating method is mainly applied to furnaces using fuel gas and oil as fuel, and there are also heating methods on the resistance. Heating has common defects: large amounts of zinc ash are generated and high zinc consumption; in the effective working area of ​​the zinc pot, sufficient heating area must be reserved to increase the capacity of the zinc pot; low efficiency, high energy consumption and Zinc temperature fluctuations and other large. There is a tendency to be gradually replaced by immersed internal heating technology. The internal heating method is that the heating element is directly heated by inserting the zinc liquid, which can effectively improve the heating efficiency, reduce the energy consumption and zinc consumption, and accurately control the temperature. In recent years, the metal product industry has been popularized and applied rapidly.

The main heating material of the conduit is refractory material, quartz and composite metal materials. Refractory materials and quartz protection conduits have low power consumption, low strength, and fragility. Although they are inexpensive, they are difficult to maintain and their use is limited. The internal heater of the zinc corrosion resistant metal composite material is made of a composite material that is resistant to zinc corrosion and made of a protective conduit, so that the strength and toughness of the heater are greatly improved, and it can resist the shrinkage force of the zinc liquid when solidified, the impact force of the zinc fluid fluctuation and The collision of the workpiece reduces the difficulty of maintenance and prolongs the service life of the heater. Internal heating technology is used in the design and metal heaters are used as heating elements.

The volume of the zinc pot is reduced by about 1/4 over a reasonable range over the heating, reducing the installed capacity by about 1/3. However, the high initial investment of the heater in the metal pipe and the melting of the first zinc ingot only adopts an auxiliary zinc method. After the zinc liquid in the zinc pot reaches a certain height, the heater can be installed. The design should be selected according to local conditions.

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