The difference between anodized and conductive oxidation

【China Aluminum Network】 1) Anodizing is performed under high voltage conditions. It is an electrochemical reaction process. Conductive oxidation (also called chemical oxidation) does not require power, but only needs to be soaked in the solution. On the line, it is a pure chemical reaction.

2) Anodizing requires a long time, often tens of minutes, while conductive oxidation requires only a few tens of seconds.

3) The anodized film has several micrometers to several tens of micrometers, and it is hard and wear-resistant, while the film produced by the conductive oxidation is only 0.01-0.15 micrometers. Abrasion resistance is not very good, but it is both conductive and resistant to atmospheric corrosion, which is its advantage.

4) The oxide film is inherently non-conductive, but since the film formed by the conductive oxidation is very thin, it is electrically conductive.

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