Aluminum scrap recycling process

[China Aluminum Industry Network] 1 aluminum scrap recovery, baking and screening

1. Recovery of aluminum scrap

When aluminum castings are machined, the chips account for about 20% of the weight of the castings and as high as 30%. Recovering the aluminum shavings in the commodity machining process can reduce the production cost and have outstanding economic benefits. The following points should be taken into account when retrieving aluminum chips: (1) When the processing of a material of a certain material mark is finished, the country shall collect it in time to prevent aluminum chips from mixing. When repossessing, the aluminum scraps in the chassis of various machine tools involved in cutting should be cleaned and cleaned. (2) The recovered aluminum scraps should be stacked in the storage bin's regular bins in strict accordance with the trademark classification and marked with aluminum scraps. The trademark of the variety shall be remelted in time when conditions permit, preventing the mixing of numbers. (3) Prevent dust, cotton, and other debris from mixing with aluminum chips.

1.1 Preheating baking of aluminum flakes

Aluminum shavings carry a lot of oil and moisture. Oil and moisture from the machining process, or other technical processes (such as in order to improve the failure of the piston part of the uniform process, the use of the temperature of the oil furnace furnace failure and other technologies), oxidation corrosion is serious, so it should be timely preheating baking. The baking temperature must be determined according to various factors. If the temperature is too high, not only the heat loss will be great, but also a strong oxidation of the aluminum scrap will occur. Therefore, the baking temperature should usually be controlled between 250 and 300C.

The simple method of baking aluminum chips is to place the aluminum chips on the steel plate and heat them until they do not stop smoking. Aluminum chips can also be put into the "roasting car", pushed into the drying kiln for baking or aluminum chips to participate in the frequency furnace, placed in a cast iron pot baking, so that oil and volatile at high temperatures And incineration, then smelting (of course, this method has the disadvantage of poor working conditions, smoke filling workshop) J aluminum preheated baking can not only remove the oil and water in the aluminum, and can shorten the smelting time, in the reduction of power consumption Together, it can improve the production rate of melting equipment and reduce the cost of melting (remelting).

L.2 Screening of aluminum chips

After the aluminum swarf is finished, the sizing treatment is preferably performed so as to remove the oxidized powder or the muddy sand that can be generated and the steel scraps that are carried in. However, if the aluminum shavings are "fresh" and clean and the baking temperature is normal, no screening is required. After the above-mentioned pre-treated aluminum scrap, it can be used for remelting remelting, casting into a reclaimed ingot for use in smelting aluminum alloys.

2. Smelting of aluminum scrap in industrial frequency furnace

There are usually two kinds of smelting methods for aluminum swarf: 1 twice smelting method: for the first time, aluminum chips are melted into ingots (reclaimed ingots) and stacked according to their chemical components; during the second smelting, the recycled ingots are blended into furnace smelting. Out of products. (2) Direct participation method: When using this method, the aluminum scraps can be baked directly in the furnace (in the case of using residual heat or bottom temperature), and after the aluminum scraps are dried, they are heated to melt and participate in various The main and auxiliary materials are smelted.

Comparison of the two methods, two smelting, greater power consumption and elemental burns. The management work is cumbersome and wastes manpower and material resources. The second method is only applicable to the continuous production of a trademark of aluminum castings. When the production of multi-God trademark aluminum parts during the same period, the use of the first method is more applicable.

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