China's environmental protection system system innovation promotes green transformation

Abstract At the 2014 National Environmental Policy Legal Work Seminar held on September 22nd, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Pan Yue proposed whether there are pre-research and coping strategies for new environmental pollution problems in China, how to really consume resources, Environmental damage, ecological benefits refer to...
At the 2014 National Environmental Policy Legal Work Seminar held on September 22, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Pan Yue proposed whether there are pre-research and coping strategies for new environmental pollution problems in China, how to truly consume resources and environment. The indicators of damage and ecological benefits are fully incorporated into the assessment and evaluation system of local party committees and governments, and the weights are increased. Whether some indicators related to human health should be included in the series of research topics such as emission reduction indicators system as soon as possible. He said that environmental protection departments at all levels should take the implementation of the new "Environmental Protection Law" as a starting point, step up institutional innovation, and promote the country's green transformation and economic restructuring.

Pan Yue said that China's economic and social development is facing a new normal, and environmental protection work faces many new problems. The policy legal seminar was aimed at promoting reform and innovation in the field of environmental protection through discussion and exchange, and rationalizing ideas in the legal system of environmental protection policy.

Improve the unified supervision mechanism

"The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee clearly requires the establishment of a systematic and complete ecological civilization system, which requires our environmental protection system to further accelerate institutional innovation." Pan Yue pointed out that the environmental protection system should improve the unified supervision mechanism. The new "Environmental Protection Law" clearly gives the environmental protection department a unified "supervised management" and other "unification" functions. At present, due to factors such as mutual restraint between departments, the environmental protection department has great difficulties in implementing unified supervision. In this regard, we must speed up the improvement of relevant supporting mechanisms, actively seek cooperation from relevant departments and government support, and try to implement a joint mechanism for responsibilities to lay the foundation for institutional reform.

Pan Yue emphasized that the environmental protection system should actively participate in macro-integrated decision-making. The new Environmental Protection Law clarifies that environmental protection planning should be linked to urban and land planning. The environmental protection department should take a long-term perspective and deeply intervene in the current national and local planning system, embody the essential requirements of environmental protection in all planning, grasp the policy environmental assessment, an important system to achieve scientific decision-making, promote green development, and improve the coordination mechanism. The establishment of evaluation specifications, the use of regional restrictions must be used and strictly regulated.

Effectively strengthen the monitoring function of the environmental protection department. The new "Environmental Protection Law" has given special attention to environmental monitoring, not only requiring the improvement of environmental monitoring systems, but also the establishment of monitoring and early warning mechanisms for environmental resources carrying capacity, public monitoring and early warning mechanisms for environmental pollution, and environmental and health monitoring systems. Special legislation on environmental monitoring should be accelerated.

Accelerate the construction of supporting legislation

Pan Yue pointed out that it is necessary to comprehensively promote environmental information disclosure and public participation. Further improve the information disclosure of environmental impact assessment of construction projects and supervision of pollutant discharge units, and improve the procedural mechanism for reporting public participation such as illegal and public interest litigation.

The new Environmental Protection Law stipulates a series of environmental economic policies, and the State Council recently approved the issuance of guidance on pilot emissions trading. It is necessary to take advantage of the new "Environmental Protection Law" to further improve relevant environmental economic policies and measures.

Accelerate the development of supporting legislation and systems. The new Environmental Protection Law explicitly authorizes local legislation to supplement the scope of application for daily penalties. The draft Legislative Law is being revised to extend local legislative power to city-level cities. Environmental protection departments in various localities, especially those with local legislative powers, should make full use of local legislative powers and speed up local environmental legislation to ensure the effective implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law.

At the meeting, Yuan Jie, director of the Administrative Law Office of the NPC Legal Work Committee, Zheng Xuelin, President of the Supreme Court Environmental Resources Trial Court, Huo Xiandan, Director of the Judicial Appraisal Administration of the Ministry of Justice, and Wang Jinnan, Vice President of the China Environmental Planning Institute respectively "Interpretation", environmental trial specialization and environmental public interest litigation issues, judicial identification and dispute resolution and exploration of ecological environment asset accounting, and the construction of ecological civilization system system gave a special lecture.

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