Opinions of Jilin Province on Accelerating the Construction of Equipment Manufacturing Pillar Industry (Full Text)

Abstract Jilin Provincial People's Government's Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Equipment Manufacturing Pillar Industry Ji Zhengfa [2014] No. 35 Municipal (State) People's Government, Changbai Mountain Management Committee, County (City) People's Government, Provincial Government Offices, and Direct Subordinates Agency: To implement...
Jilin Provincial People's Government on Accelerating Construction

Opinions on equipment manufacturing pillar industry

Ji Zheng Fa [2014] No. 35

The municipal (state) people's government, the Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee, the county (city) people's governments, the provincial government departments and offices, and the directly affiliated institutions:

In order to implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 10th Provincial Party Committee, accelerate the construction of the equipment manufacturing industry and make it a pillar industry in our province, the following opinions are proposed:

I. Development ideas and development goals

(1) Development ideas.

With the direction of “green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, and service manufacturing”, we will focus on “building high-end, upgrading tradition, cultivating characteristics, and strengthening foundation”, increase policy support, improve public services, enhance innovation capabilities, and extend the industrial chain. Promote industrial agglomeration and expand the scale of the industry. Efforts will be made to break through a number of key core technologies, focus on cultivating a number of key enterprises (groups) and key products, and strive to create a number of industrial clusters with distinctive advantages. Accelerate the establishment of an equipment manufacturing industrial system with structural optimization, advanced technology, distinctive features, clean and safe, realize industrial transformation and upgrading, and build the equipment manufacturing industry into a new pillar industry in our province.

(2) Development goals.

By 2020, the equipment manufacturing industry will be built into a pillar industry in our province.

1. The scale of the industry continues to grow. By 2020, the total industrial output value of the above-scale equipment manufacturing industry in the province will reach 430 billion yuan, accounting for more than 10% of the province's total industrial output value, with an average annual growth rate of about 11%; industrial added value will reach more than 116 billion yuan, accounting for The proportion of provincial GDP is more than 5%, with an average annual growth rate of about 11%.

2. The ability to innovate is significantly improved. The technological innovation system has been further improved, and the ability of industrial synergy and innovation has been significantly enhanced. Large and medium-sized enterprises generally establish enterprise technology centers, and more than 100 enterprise technology centers at or above the provincial level; relying on universities, research institutes and key enterprises in the industry to build more than 10 provincial-level public technology R&D centers to actively promote equipment manufacturing Construction of the test center. The key enterprises' technical equipment has reached the domestic leading level, forming a group of high-end equipment products and well-known brands with independent intellectual property rights.

3. The industrial structure is gradually optimized. In accordance with the optimization of the industrial chain system, efforts to improve the production capacity of the entire industry chain. To build a world-class rail transit equipment industry base, the supporting rate of railway passenger cars in the province will reach 50% or more; build a domestic first-class "spaceborne integrated" satellite manufacturing and commercial application industrial base, and the matching rate of commercial satellites in the province will reach 80% or more; To build an industrial base for automobile, medicine and food complete sets of production equipment and test and testing equipment; to cultivate 10 equipment manufacturing industrial clusters with strong innovation capabilities and distinctive features, and 20 provincial-level characteristic equipment industrial parks.

4. The basic supporting ability is significantly enhanced. Key basic materials, core basic components (components), advanced basic processes and industrial technology base levels have been significantly improved. The basic supporting industries such as mold, casting and forging are becoming more and more perfect. The localization rate of key and basic components and the local matching rate are continuously improved, which can basically meet the development needs of major technical equipment.

Second, the direction of development

(1) Accelerate the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

1. Rail transit equipment. Based on Changke Co., Ltd., the company will build an international rail transit equipment industrial base integrating R&D, integrated manufacturing, collaborative support, comprehensive maintenance and production services, and accelerate the formation of 1,200 high-speed EMUs and 1,800 urban rail passenger cars. The ability of the EMU to overhaul 320 columns. Further improve the integration capability of the entire vehicle, develop and manufacture high-speed EMUs and hybrid EMUs with completely independent intellectual property rights. Promote the construction of the Changke high-speed EMU maintenance base and improve the comprehensive maintenance level. Actively introduce advanced enterprises at home and abroad, accelerate the improvement of independent design and manufacturing capabilities of key technologies (systems) such as bogies, car bodies, traction systems, brake systems, and network control systems, and promote the deep localization of key core components. The rate is increased to more than 50%.

2. Satellite and applications. Relying on the technical basis and advantages of the satellite payload R&D and manufacturing and aerospace optical remote sensing in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the satellite traffic economy, satellite payload and measurement and control, independent remote sensing information acquisition and operation services, high-precision positioning terminal and location service, Beidou satellite The space benchmark timing, satellite broadband multimedia industry chain construction innovation and supporting system, the construction of "satellite development - on-orbit operation - image processing, distribution - image product marketing" as one of the commercial satellite and application industry base. Accelerate the layout of "star-borne integration" manufacturing production capacity, improve satellite load and commercial remote sensing satellite manufacturing capabilities, guide all aspects of social resources to the satellite and application industries, promote the upstream and downstream docking of the industrial chain, and drive composite materials, precision machinery, optical processing The development of supporting industries in the province, such as optical sensors, has enabled the provincial matching rate to reach over 80%. Accelerate the development of commercialization application services for remote sensing satellites, accelerate the development and marketization of terminal products of Beidou application systems, and promote the development of a number of remote sensing application enterprises. By 2020, four remote sensing satellites and 12 video imaging satellites will be launched to complete the networking and commercialization applications.

3. Aviation equipment. To build a five-in-one aviation equipment industry system that integrates R&D, manufacturing, maintenance, operation, and education. Utilize the national low-altitude airspace opening policy, seize the opportunity of rapid development of aviation equipment, and accelerate the construction of Changchun Aviation Science and Technology Industrial Park and Jilin Aviation Equipment Industrial Park. Focus on the development of aviation hydraulic control components, large fuselage components, high-precision solenoid valves for aviation and other parts manufacturing and aviation maintenance services. We will promote the construction of the Siping General Aviation Equipment Industrial Park, accelerate the introduction and development of aircraft such as general-purpose light-wing fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and special aircraft, and actively carry out training services and operational services. Support the rapid development of the UAV industry in our province, and meet the market demand in the fields of map mapping, geological survey, disaster monitoring, and meteorological exploration. Development of airport airway ground foreign body monitoring systems, airport meteorological instruments, aviation radar and other general aviation airport equipment. Accelerate the application of advanced polymer materials, light alloy materials, flame retardant insulation materials and carbon fiber materials in the field of aviation equipment manufacturing.

4. Photoelectric equipment. Relying on the advantages of our province's optoelectronic technology and the basic advantages of the Changchun National Optoelectronics Industry Base, we will develop advanced optoelectronic equipment for the needs of the automotive, rail transit, pharmaceutical, food, logistics, resource and environmental and anti-terrorism security fields. We will promote the industrialization process of the national major science and technology special absolute scales, promote its application in high-grade CNC machine tools, and gradually replace similar imported products. Promote the construction of the photonics industry incubation base in Jilin Province. Support the development of photoelectric encoders, photoelectric theodolites, material composition analyzers, infrared thermal imaging cameras, laser trimming machines, high-power lasers, fully automatic RF electronic label packaging equipment, photoelectric measuring instruments and additive manufacturing equipment to build well-known brands.

5. Medical equipment. Seize the development opportunities of the medical and health industry, rely on the medical equipment industry foundation of our province, accelerate the development of medical equipment products such as health care, diagnosis and treatment, testing, and form a relatively complete medical treatment such as mold manufacturing, mechanical processing, plastic products, circuit board design and production. Instrument equipment industry chain. Focus on the development of automatic biochemical analyzers, chemiluminescence immunoassays, blood analyzers and other clinical testing and analysis instruments; special visual detectors, vestibular function monitors, dark adaptive objective testers and other medical instruments; automatic care machine, infrared treatment Instrument and other nursing physiotherapy equipment. Support the development of medical equipment and features industrial parks.

6. Environmental protection equipment. Combining the current ecological environment management needs with the industrial base of our province, we will promote the environmental protection of air pollution control, water pollution control, solid waste treatment, comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental monitoring, and other environmental protection instruments in the eight key areas of national environmental protection equipment industry development. The equipment industry is accelerating. Focus on the development of advanced new flue gas dedusting, desulfurization, denitrification, mercury removal equipment; sewage biological treatment process equipment, water supply and water treatment equipment; urban domestic garbage harmless treatment equipment, sanitation cleaning equipment; energy-saving environmental protection boilers, biomass boilers, etc. Encourage the development of complete sets of high-efficiency energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, support qualified enterprises to provide energy-saving and environmental protection overall solutions, undertake equipment manufacturing, installation and integration of "turnkey" projects, use market-oriented models to carry out operational services and extend the industrial chain.

7. Testing and testing equipment. Relying on the technical engineering advantages of scientific research institutes and universities in our province, we promote the R&D and production of static and dynamic testing equipment, new sensors, alignment correction equipment, automatic press-fit equipment, and intelligent testing equipment. Support the development of automobile and mechanical processing safety test system, electronic universal testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine, torsion testing machine, impact testing machine, creep testing machine, dynamic and static fatigue testing machine, high frequency fatigue testing machine, civil engineering Special test machine, automatic alignment correction machine, etc. Accelerate the development of basic parts testing equipment, on-line testing equipment for rail passenger cars, agricultural product testing and analysis equipment, medical testing equipment, and chemical industry testing equipment.

(2) Vigorously upgrade the traditional equipment manufacturing industry.

1. Agricultural machinery. Focusing on Changchun, Siping, Songyuan and Yanbian areas, we will develop and introduce advanced agricultural machinery and equipment with the development of precision agriculture. We will increase investment promotion, promote mergers and acquisitions in the same industry, enlarge and strengthen leading agricultural machinery enterprises, drive the development of parts and components industry, and gradually establish a sound agricultural machinery industry system. Power machinery focuses on the development of large and medium horsepower wheeled tractors. The new agricultural machinery focuses on the development of advanced utility model land preparation, planting, field management and water-saving irrigation machinery. The harvesting machinery focuses on the development of a self-propelled universal combine harvester. The livestock machinery focuses on the development of feed processing feeding machinery, waste energy utilization treatment equipment and straw feed baling and packaging machinery. Agricultural and sideline products processing machinery focuses on the development of rice, corn, potato, dairy processing machinery and general food processing equipment. Support the development of new high-efficiency agricultural equipment such as seed cleaning equipment and automated grain drying equipment. Support the accelerated development of agricultural machinery parts supporting industries.

2. Heat exchange equipment. Relying on the advantages of Siping heat exchanger industry, it plays the role of heat exchanger national inspection center, accelerates the construction of key common technology research and development centers and information service information centers, aims at product integration and service manufacturing, and creates an internationally competitive “China Exchange”. Heater City." Further integrate resources, accelerate the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the heat exchanger industry, and improve the carrying capacity of the two major heat exchanger industrial parks in Siping Hongzui Park and Juyuan-Bike. Encourage the development of high value-added new energy-saving welded plate heat exchangers, large detachable plate heat exchangers and new tubular heat exchangers. Support backbone enterprises to improve the system integration capability of heat transfer products, and provide heat transfer overall solutions based on national major engineering projects to transform into service manufacturing. Increase investment promotion efforts, focus on introducing large-scale heat exchanger enterprises at home and abroad, expand the scale of the industry, and enhance overall competitiveness.

3. Electrical equipment. Give full play to the advantages and brand influence of our province in power transmission and transformation equipment, special transformer equipment, power generation equipment, complete sets of electrical equipment, etc., with high-end, professional, energy-saving, and complete sets of development directions to create a characteristic industry of electrical equipment. Support the development of ultra-high voltage power transmission line tower, high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, inert medium high voltage switch, UHV power cable accessories, high and low voltage power switch cabinet, box substation, secondary substation complete equipment, medium and high voltage cable automation complete production line Equal power transmission and transformation equipment; support the development of ultra-high-voltage electric furnace transformers, mining explosion-proof transformers, mine explosion-proof switches, wind power energy-saving transformers and other special substation equipment; support bucket turbines, coal mills, thermal power and nuclear power plant piping systems, power stations Power equipment such as high-temperature fans; support for intelligent integrated wind power booster stations and other complete sets of electrical equipment; support the development of rare earth permanent magnet switches, new circuit breakers, precision power instruments and other electrical products.

4. Mining machinery and metallurgical equipment. Relying on the existing industrial base of mines and metallurgical equipment in our province, we will build a Liaoyuan mining machinery industrial base; focus on Changchun, Jilin and Tonghua, and vigorously develop metallurgical equipment. Support the development of medium-thick coal seam shearers, super-power electric traction shearers, cantilever heavy-duty roadheaders, bucket wheel conveyors, coal scraper conveyors and electric drums and belt conveyors; promote large-scale mining crushing equipment Large-scale main equipment such as grinding equipment, washing equipment, mine hoist, etc. are the leading, production system for transportation, control and other parts companies. Support the development of internationally-standard, large-tonnage, energy-saving and environmentally friendly metallurgical special arc furnaces, ladle refining furnaces and other smelting equipment. R & D and production of large-scale, highly automated, intelligent submerged arc furnace electromechanical complete sets of equipment and carbon electromechanical complete sets of equipment. Support the development of non-ferrous metal smelting automation complete production lines, metallurgical continuous casting and rolling equipment, sintering waste heat power generation fans.

5. Petrochemical equipment. Relying on the petrochemical industry resources and petrochemical equipment industry base of our province, we will give full play to the unique advantages in the market segment, expand the product field, and expand the scale of the industry. Support the accelerated research and development of large-scale medium and high pressure vessels, reactors and other high-tech, high value-added products. Promote the production and serialization of products such as railway tankers, centrifuges and polymerizers. Supports R&D, manufacturing and demonstration applications for visual positioning filling robot systems. Support the development of large-tonnage type workover rigs, mobile integrated pressureless workover rigs, new energy-saving pumping units, oilfield environmental protection equipment, etc., and expand the scale of exports while meeting domestic demand. Support the accelerated development and production of oil drilling while drilling sensing systems (equipment), oil well level detection systems (equipment), tertiary oil production equipment and new high-efficiency oil drilling machines, etc., increase market development efforts, and form an industrial scale as soon as possible. Encourage the development of remanufactured products for waste oil pipes in oil fields and accelerate market promotion and application.

6. Construction machinery. Relying on the existing foundation of our province in the field of lifting machinery, road construction machinery and sanitation engineering machinery, we will expand our product fields and accelerate industrial development. Support the development of tower crane equipment for construction and promote industrial agglomeration. Support the development of port cranes, marine floating cranes, large-scale lifting equipment for power station construction, large-tonnage bridge machines, bucket wheel stacker reclaimers and other products. Support the development of batch asphalt mixing equipment and old material recycling combined mixing equipment to improve resource utilization and market share. Support the development of road clearing and snow removal machinery, rainwater sewage well cleaning machinery, road green belt trimming machinery, etc.

7. Wind power equipment. Focusing on the construction of a national tens of kilowatt-class renewable energy base, we will build a wind power equipment industry cluster integrating R&D, manufacturing, parts supply and service. Construction of Baicheng Wind Power Equipment Industrial Base to promote the development of wind power supporting equipment industry in Changchun and Jilin. Support leading enterprises in wind power equipment manufacturing to be better and stronger, and support the development and production of wind turbines with more than 3 MW. Accelerate the development of supporting industries for wind power equipment and increase the matching rate in the province. Actively explore new ways of wind power local consumption and energy conversion storage, and develop a new green recycling economy.

(3) Actively cultivate the characteristic equipment manufacturing industry.

1. Automobile manufacturing equipment. Relying on the advantages of the automobile industry in our province, we will develop automotive manufacturing and complete sets of equipment around automobile stamping, welding, painting and final assembly processes. Support the development of suspension equipment, professional fixtures, robotic arms, automatic control systems, robotic workstations, automatic navigation AGV logistics equipment, large-scale precision molds for automobiles, and K&C characteristic test benches for suspension. Develop robot-based auto stamping, welding, painting and assembly automation production lines, improve the system integration capability of automobile manufacturing automation production lines, and undertake “turnkey projects” including design, manufacturing, installation and service training to realize the service of automobile manufacturing equipment inside and outside the province. The strategic goal of autonomy.

2. Food processing equipment. Give full play to the advantages of the province's food processing industry, accelerate the introduction of world-class food processing technology and technology, and support the development of automation, intelligent, complete sets of food processing, testing, testing and packaging special and complete sets of equipment. Focus on the development of intelligent processing equipment and automated complete production lines for grain, livestock, poultry and aquatic products, guide enterprises to improve product quality, actively explore the market and promote industrial development.

3. Pharmaceutical equipment. Relying on the advantages of the pharmaceutical industry in our province, we will accelerate the development of pharmaceutical equipment. Supporting the development of pharmaceutical water treatment equipment, canning equipment, sterilization equipment, packaging equipment and testing equipment manufacturing enterprises in our province. Accelerate the introduction and cultivation of manufacturing enterprises such as raw material medicine equipment, preparation machinery, medicinal crushing machinery and decoction machinery. Focus on supporting the development of pharmaceutical complete sets of equipment.

(4) Focus on strengthening the basic supporting equipment manufacturing industry.

Promote industrial strong base, break through the bottleneck restricting the development of equipment manufacturing industry in key basic materials, core basic components (components), advanced basic processes and industrial technology foundation, and create a group of “specialized and refined” with core technological innovation capabilities. , special, new" basic parts manufacturing enterprises. The mold focuses on the development of automotive sheet metal parts cold stamping dies, interior parts hot forming dies, plastic parts thermoplastic dies, aluminum alloy parts die-casting dies, rail passengers aluminum profile body frame extrusion dies, cold-formed processing dies, etc.; Support the development of large-scale mold body castings, machine bed castings, wind turbine hub castings, engine castings and other large castings and high-efficiency intelligent die-casting islands; forging focuses on the development of large shaft forgings, engine connecting rod forgings, coal machine parts forgings, etc.; other machinery The basic components focus on the development of pumps, valves, hydraulics, fasteners and special tools. Strengthen the industrial technology infrastructure, and strive to break through the application of a number of advanced manufacturing processes (technology) such as additive manufacturing and new materials such as carbon fiber in the field of equipment manufacturing.

Third, safeguard measures

(1) Strengthening technological innovation.

Support and promote the construction of technology centers for equipment manufacturing enterprises, encourage existing equipment manufacturing enterprise technology centers to enhance their capabilities, and create enterprise technology centers at or above the provincial level. Around the basic common technology research and development and public technical services, the province's scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning are encouraged to build a number of provincial public technology research and development centers. Focusing on promoting the transformation of scientific research achievements and trial production of new products, the industry's large-scale key enterprises are encouraged to jointly establish a number of industry pilot centers in scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning in the province. Promote the provincial key scientific and technological resources of the State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials of Jilin University, the Mechanical Precision Design Laboratory of Jilin University, and the State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics of Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics, and promote the marketization of technical resources. Support the cooperation of “production, study and research”, and guide scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises to carry out innovative cooperation around the transformation of scientific research achievements and technical difficulties. Encourage rail transit, agricultural machinery and other equipment manufacturing enterprises to form strategic alliances with upstream and downstream enterprises and R&D institutions to promote collaborative innovation in the entire industry chain. Scientific research units that support enterprise are the first to enjoy the right to dispose of scientific and technological achievements, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological innovation personnel through equity and option incentives, and accelerate the pace of technological innovation in equipment manufacturing.

(2) Strengthening technological transformation efforts.

Concentrate on funds to increase support for key enterprises and leading products, and accelerate the construction of key projects. Support equipment manufacturing enterprises to save energy, water, and material technology, and actively eliminate low-end backward production capacity with high energy consumption, heavy pollution and high safety risks. Accelerate the transformation of industry technology, process and equipment level to achieve digital, intelligent and flexible production. Accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises in key links of the industrial chain, promote market segmentation and specialized division of labor, and improve the production efficiency and economic benefits of the industry. Accelerate the technological transformation of key enterprise manufacturing and service integration capabilities, and provide value-added products by providing overall solutions and “turnkey” projects to promote the transformation of enterprises from manufacturing to service manufacturing. Focusing on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry, planning a number of major technological transformation projects, and making full efforts to improve the high-speed EMU maintenance base of Changke Co., Ltd., the relocation of long-haul equipment, the long-haul agricultural machinery equipment production base, Siping Chery Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park, Changchun Airlines A number of major projects such as the Science and Technology Industrial Park and the Siping Aviation Industrial Park have comprehensively improved the level of “green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, and service manufacturing” in the equipment manufacturing industry in our province.

(3) Accelerate industrial agglomeration.

We will guide the construction of equipment manufacturing enterprises around the construction of supporting systems for rail transit equipment, agricultural machinery, satellite and applications, and wind power equipment. Accelerate the pace of enterprises “retreating into the city”, strengthen market cultivation and technology introduction of key supporting links in the industrial chain, speed up the upgrading of key product supporting capabilities, improve the matching rate in the province, and meet the province’s large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises and key products in the province. Supporting needs. Accelerate the construction of special equipment industrial parks, focus on cultivating and building Changchun Rail Transit Equipment Industrial Park, Changchun Jiutai Agricultural Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, Changchun High-tech Zone Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park, Songyuan Ningjiang District Yadahong Petroleum Supporting Machinery Processing Park And other provincial-level equipment industrial parks. Encourage equipment industrial parks to strive for a new industrialized industrial demonstration base above the provincial level. Accelerate the construction of equipment manufacturing industry clusters, relying on industrial parks and industrial chain supporting systems, and focus on cultivating and building ten equipment manufacturing industry clusters.

(4) Increase the intensity of investment promotion.

Relying on the industrial base and resource advantages of our province, we plan a number of equipment manufacturing investment projects, and adopt network investment, brand investment, commissioned investment, and professional team investment to attract domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises to invest and cooperate in our province. Focus on rail transit equipment, satellite and applications, aviation equipment, agricultural machinery, environmental protection equipment, engineering machinery, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and other industries, accelerate the introduction of large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprise groups and multinational companies at home and abroad, and increase domestic and international The well-known technology R&D institutions' efforts to attract investment and promote the high-end equipment industry and the traditional equipment industry in the province through the introduction and cooperation of key products and key technologies. Strengthen cooperation with central enterprises and strive for the layout of major projects of central enterprises in our province. For major investment projects, the support policy can be “one-on-one discussion”.

(5) Encourage mergers and acquisitions of enterprises.

Support equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises to cross-industry, cross-regional and cross-ownership restructuring, through a variety of ways to cultivate a number of large equipment manufacturing enterprise groups, promote industrial structure optimization and upgrading, and comprehensively enhance industrial competitiveness. Encourage powerful equipment manufacturing companies such as Changke Co., Ltd. to “go global”, acquire overseas advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises and technology research and development institutions, or carry out various forms of joint ventures in major projects, industrial chain extension, research and development capabilities, and marketing networks. Cooperation. By accelerating the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation of advanced technologies and equipment, a number of core technologies and major equipment with independent intellectual property rights will be formed to seize the commanding heights in the market competition.

(6) Promoting the integration of the military and the people.

We will give full play to the advantages of advanced technology and equipment of key military enterprises in our province and the military and technical advantages of scientific research institutes, vigorously develop civil and civilian equipment manufacturing industries such as civil aerospace and civil aircraft, and accelerate the pace of "transfer to the people." We will focus on the construction of Changchun Aviation Science and Technology Industrial Park, Weapons Equipment New Energy Industrial Park, Weapon Northeast Industrial Group Industrial Park, and Jilin Aviation Equipment Industrial Park. Promote the participation of provincial universities and research institutes in the construction of national defense science and technology industries, encourage and support equipment manufacturing enterprises to participate in the research and production of weapons and equipment, the investment and construction of national defense science and technology industries, the restructuring and restructuring of military enterprises, and the development of military and civilian technologies in various forms. The pace of "people's participation in the army." Focus on the application of laser technology, opto-mechatronics technology, light alloy new materials, polymer materials and other superior technologies and products in the military industry.

(7) Increase policy support.

Further increase the support for the equipment manufacturing industry in terms of finance, taxation, finance, insurance, guarantees, and talents. Various provincial-level industrial development special funds are tilted towards the equipment manufacturing industry. We will provide preferential tax policy support for R&D, technology transfer, industry standard formulation, import of key raw materials and parts, and construction of industrial incubator bases in compliance with tax laws and policies. Encourage and guide all types of financial and investment institutions to increase financial support for the equipment manufacturing industry. We will implement the country's first (set) major technical equipment related policies, establish the first (set) major technical equipment recognition and reward mechanism and insurance compensation mechanism in our province, and promote the first (set) major technical equipment demonstration application in our province. Encourage guarantee companies to carry out rights pledge guarantee services such as accounts receivable, intellectual property rights, and new product orders. Support equipment manufacturing companies to go public and issue bonds. Implement the relevant talent policy of our province, support equipment manufacturing enterprises to train and introduce high-level professional and technical talents, shortage of skilled talents and senior management talents.

(8) Strengthen the construction of industry statistics and operation scheduling system.

Further improve the statistical work of the equipment manufacturing industry, and establish an industry statistical system covering comprehensive, standard, true and accurate, and information sharing. In accordance with national industry classification standards, strengthen the management of enterprises into the system, improve the statistical information communication coordination mechanism between the statistical department and the industry management department, and build a statistical information sharing platform. Establish and improve the operation and dispatching system of the equipment manufacturing industry, strengthen the operation and scheduling of the whole industry, various industries, key enterprises and major products, do a good job of dynamic analysis and development forecast, and provide decision-making basis for the development of the industry.

(9) Strengthen organizational leadership.

All regions and departments should make overall planning around the construction of pillar industries and formulate policies and measures to accelerate the development of equipment manufacturing industry. For major projects in equipment manufacturing, the focus will be on planning, land, environmental protection, finance, finance and taxation. The industrial and information sectors at all levels must actively play an integrated and coordinating role, effectively strengthen leadership, clarify tasks, implement responsibilities, and ensure that all policies and measures are implemented. It is necessary to strengthen the organization and construction of various trade associations, give full play to their role in organization, coordination, service and supervision, and promote the accelerated development of the province's equipment manufacturing industry.

Jilin Provincial People's Government

August 31, 2014

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