The first "Cabinet Oscar" contest reunion ended

The "Golden Prize", which is known as the "Oscar" in the Chinese cabinet industry, was closed in Xiamen before the first China Kitchen Industry Design Competition. 30 entries from both sides of the strait stand out from the numerous works and will participate in the Shanghai finals in November.

"Golden Prize" The First China Whole Kitchen Industry Design Competition

According to Chen Zhuang, Secretary General of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce of the Chamber of Commerce, the industrial design competition in the field of kitchen equipment is the first time in the country. There are 556 pieces of entries in this competition, including more than ten works provided by Taiwan. They conducted a comprehensive PK under the strict screening of the expert group. The specifications and jury lineup of this competition are extremely strong, including the professor of Tsinghua University Art Academy, the director of the China Industrial Design Association expert work committee, Liu Guanzhong, the professor of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, and the founder and chief designer of A-one Design Studio Shi Zhenyu. The Executive Vice President of the School of International Design of Zhejiang University and the invited Vice President of the China Industrial Design Association should be among the experts.

The awards include three categories: individual/entener award, instructor award, and organization award, including personal/corporate awards: Jingou Supreme Award (first prize), 2 product groups, 20,000 yuan for prizes, and 1 concept group. Bonus of 20,000 yuan; Jin Gou Star Award (second prize); gold hook award (excellent award); finalist award.

Experts said in the selection that the essence of design is not a gesture but a creation, a user-centered way of thinking and contest. The kitchen is definitely not a simple operation room. It is a machine on the surface. It is actually a life and a culture. It is not a gang, but a chamber of the whole family. In Europe, the whole kitchen has long been included in the industrial design, and exported as a lifestyle overseas, which will promote the innovation boom of Chinese enterprises. Therefore, the products of kitchen equipment must be very particular in appearance, function, art and so on. The complexity of production and the various components can be said to be comparable to cars.

In recent years, the country has developed a hot stream of industrial design. At present, the industrial design center is concentrated in Shenzhen and Shanghai. As a rising star, Xiamen is struggling to catch up with it and sprinting the industrial design capital. The emergence of the gold medal in the craft design competition in the kitchen field in Xiamen has made up for the lack of a national competition.

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