Transformer oil water cooler protection device

Transformer oil cooler, the oil temperature is reduced from 65 to 50, the oil flow is 40 cubic meters per hour, the cooling water inlet is 35 degrees, and the flow rate is 45 cubic meters per hour. The protection device for the transformer oil water cooler is characterized in that the alarm device installed in the oil water cooler and the water removal device connected in series on the circulating oil pipeline are arranged at the bottom of the oil water cooler. It is composed of an oil-repellent metal mesh of 60 to 110 mesh, a metal plate 2 placed on the bottom surface of the oil-water cooler, and an alarm device 3, wherein the metal mesh 1 is insulated from the casing of the oil-water cooler, and the bottom edge of the metal mesh 1 There is a gap between the metal plate 2 and the metal plate 2, and the metal plate 2 is connected to the alarm device 3 in the form of a switch. The water removal device is sequentially connected by the centrifugal separator 14, the oil barrier 18 and the automatic exhauster. The composition is composed of a plurality of parallel positive and negative electrodes 20, 21 which are arranged in parallel with each other. The automatic exhauster is composed of a light source 23, a phototransistor relay 24 matched with the light source 23, and a relay. A 24 controlled electromagnetic bleed valve 25 is formed. Http:// Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center)

Water-based Fire Extinguisher

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