Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed a high-speed, high-precision, low-cost machining of internal gears with barrel-shaped tools.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed the "Mitsubishi Super Skiving System" for high-speed and high-precision machining of internal gears. In addition to the internal gears that are difficult to mass-produce, it also extends tool life and reduces machining time, which is expected to reduce production costs. The company will develop special tools and special tooth processing machines for the purpose of April 2015.

Mitsubishi Super Tooth System

Mitsubishi Super Tooth System (Super Skiving System)

The tooth machining performs a cutting angle with respect to the workpiece when a rotary cutter such as a gear shaping cutter is attached, and performs machining by synchronously rotating the cutter and the workpiece. High-speed machining is achieved by generating a sliding speed in the axial direction of the tool at the point of contact between the tool and the workpiece. However, at the same time, it is difficult to improve the processing accuracy and the problem of serious tool wear.

The system developed this time uses the technology developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2009 to implement finishing using a mass-produced internal gear grinding machine based on a barrel-type grinding wheel. The newly developed multi-blade tool "Super Skiving Cutter" (see picture) is used when machining the internal gear. The super tooth cutter adopts a barrel shape with a larger central diameter than the two ends, which avoids interference with the workpiece during machining and prevents the cutting angle from forming an obtuse angle. This allows for a large axis intersection angle, resulting in faster cutting speeds and higher machining accuracy than when machining with a shaper. Moreover, the tool life has reached more than two of the shaper blades.

In addition, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has also developed cutting simulation software for car teeth. It can accurately predict the cutting force and the like that the blade is subjected to, thereby achieving an extension of the tool life and the fastest machining in accordance with the processing machine. The company will combine super tooth cutters with analog technology, special processing machines and processing software as an internal gear processing system. Incidentally, the company will present the new system at the 27th Japan International Machine Tool Show (JIMTOF2014) (October 30, 2014 - November 4, 2014) and conduct on-site demonstrations.

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