"2014 China Sleep Quality White Paper" public welfare research officially launched

"Are you full of sleep?" If someone asks you this way, would you feel inexplicable? In fact, for modern urbanites, "sleeping well" is really a big problem. As modern life becomes more and more tense, various pressures are getting bigger and bigger, and according to a survey last year, one in four (24.6%) residents “failed” in sleeping. At 60 points); over 90% (94.1%) there is a gap between the public's sleep and "good level." So, "Are you sleeping well?" is no longer just a joke, it is more like a big problem in front of urbanites.

On the occasion of World Sleep Day, the “2014 China Sleep Quality White Paper” public welfare survey was officially launched in Guangzhou on March 19. The survey was jointly conducted by the world-renowned research institutes Ipsos (Ipsos Group), Health, and the Suibao Group Sleep Research Center. It will combine the qualitative and quantitative research methods of SocialListening (community listening) and fixed-point interception. Sample database and Suibao Group consumer database analysis, and invited sleep experts to guide the completion.

It is understood that this is the third consecutive year that Suibao Group launched a sleep quality survey. Since World Sleep Day in March 2012, Suibao Group has cooperated with relevant authorities and media to launch a sleep investigation report, and released the results of the survey on August 8th, Deep Sleep Day.

"In the attitude of being responsible for the public's sleep health, we will use the network media platform, Ipsos' professional research methods and the 1600 terminal network resources of Suibao to strive for the objective, scientific and professional research." Suibao Sleep Research Center Relevant staff are accepting

This was said when the reporter interviewed.

The white paper is scheduled to meet with the public in August 2014. It will be released in major media to attract more people's attention to sleep health problems of themselves and others, to develop scientific and healthy sleep habits, and to prevent and reduce the occurrence of sleep-related diseases.

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