2014 Milan Furniture Fair & Design Week Sharing Conference was held in Dongguan

On April 29th, “Time Space” 2014 Milan Furniture Fair & Design Week Sharing Conference and Ten Years Retrospective Exhibition was held in Dongguan Die Household Center. The theme of the event is “Time Space”, sponsored by Guangdong Home Furnishing Federation, Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Furniture Industry Research Institute, and jointly organized by Pro.Design magazine. Nearly 100 home furnishing companies and well-known designers Attend this home design event.

According to the organizer, this sharing session will be held around the 53rd Milan Furniture Fair & Design Week held on April 7th. As the world's most recognized international annual design event, Milan Design Week brings together the world's top design concepts and design achievements, and is regarded as the "wind vane" of the world design trend, which has always led the trend of global home design. At this year's Milan Design Week, a large number of Chinese design teams and design brands' first-class design works appeared in Milan, and their unique ideas have attracted the attention of the international design community. A group of elites from the domestic design and home furnishing communities also visited to gain the latest trends and design inspiration.

“Time Space” 2014 Milan Furniture Fair & Design Week Sharing Session

The sharing session consists of “Review of Milan Furniture Fair & Design Week 2005-2014” and “2014 Milan Furniture Fair & Design Week Keynote Speech and Sharing Forum”, aiming to link the heads of home furnishing companies, well-known designers and related media. People share the thoughts and thoughts of the exhibition in Milan, discuss the trend of home design, and explore the interaction between brand and design.

Mr. Jiang Dehui, Executive Chairman of the Guangdong Household Furniture Industry Association and Executive Secretary and Secretary General of the Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, first gave an opening speech. Jiang secret reviewed the wonderful events of the Milan Furniture Fair and expressed the focus of the home business on design. And the ardent expectations of this sharing session. It is imperative to point out that the integration of the big home is imperative. The core soul and power of the integration is the design. The design is the key to the integration of the future home. The trend of the trend reflected from the Milan Furniture Fair is worthy of everyone’s thinking. I hope to pass today. The activities can promote the docking and exchange of social fields and brand manufacturing companies in the future work.

Opening speech by Mr. Jiang Dehui, Executive Chairman of Guangdong Province Home Furnishing Federation and Executive Chairman and Secretary General of Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce

Subsequently, Mr. Xu Guofang, the chairman of the Dongguan model house, who was the supporter of the event, delivered a speech. Mr. Xu first expressed warm welcome to the leaders of the enterprises and the media friends who came to the site. Xu said that our Chinese home has developed towards an artistic perspective. Nowadays, the aesthetic model has been formed and fixed. On this basis, we must have our own cultural deposits. China's home furnishing industry has experienced rapid development and has been making progress, especially in home design. We have been creative in design, and we are not blindly imitating Western culture. In the end, Xu also said frankly that the road to design is to gain respect and recognition. On the way of learning, as designers and entrepreneurs, we must have this sense of mission and responsibility, and contribute our values ​​and strength to our design status in China. .

Speech by Xu Guofang, Chairman of Dongguan Model Home

Then, Mr. Che Yanchong, the founder of Beijing Yidao Space, delivered the keynote speech of “Milan Blossoms”. The car first took us back to the ten-year exhibition in Milan. He explained that the product line is very important, not Separate products, design to enter the consumer, to meet consumer demands. The depth of speech combined with the reality of domestic brands provides a direction for many home furnishing companies in design confusion.

Beijing Yidao Space founder Che Yanchong's "Milan Flower Blossom" speech

In the sharing forum, the forum was divided into two sessions. The forum dialogue was very exciting. The guests presented a heated discussion on the issues such as “What is the charm of the Milan Furniture Fair? How to crack the mystery? Will the global design go?” The link has pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

Guest guests: Lan Qinghua, Chairman of Home and Home, Zhuge Xianglin, Director of Golden Point Design, Zhang Min, Design Director of Weimei, Wu Wenge, Design Director of Yanshi, and Zhao Xiong, Director of Tianyi Times

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Jiang Dehui, Executive Chairman and Secretary General of Guangdong Household Furniture Industry Association and Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Li Qiang, General Manager of Baidu Post Bar Operation Center signed a memorandum of cooperation on strategic cooperation between the two parties.

This thought session on the home design industry ended in a lively exchange of enthusiasm. The leaders of a number of home furnishing companies and well-known designers have undergone in-depth interactive exchanges, management ideas and design ideas colliding, and will design the brand of Guangdong home. The road has a fuller understanding, the future of the original design of Guangdong home, it is worth looking forward to!

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