The development history of Osram's integrated ceiling brand

Home-installed ceilings have become an integral part of modern people's decoration. As more and more people choose more and more eyes, they will eventually choose to integrate ceilings. The integration of suspended ceilings by Oswest is a choice for many people. Then the following to compile with the Xiaobian to understand the development process of the next Oslo integrated ceiling brand!

As an emerging industry, integrated ceilings, many systems and products are not perfect, but also shows that this industry has a good development prospects and a lot of room for development! With the economic development of the city, the real estate industry quickly warmed up, set heating, ventilation The personalized products of the multifunctional combination of lighting, ceiling and ceiling have greatly met the demand for fashion personality after the main force of the current purchase of houses - 80, 90. The market acceptance of integrated ceilings must be higher and higher.

With the promulgation of national policies such as the expansion of domestic demand and real estate concessions, integrated ceilings will surely become the mainstream of urban and rural market consumption, and the integrated ceiling industry will show a booming trend. The huge market potential can be imagined! For the future development, Osmia Has long been clear on the chest, "walking home decoration ceiling high-end brand line" has always been the brand positioning and sales purposes of the integrated ceiling of the United States and the United States! As the integration of the ceiling industry leader Osma, whether it is the product of the innovative design, or from Environmental protection and energy-saving quality materials, Osma's brand effect will certainly become an important weapon into the integrated ceiling market.

Osma's awareness of clearing is that, in addition to ensuring product quality, after-sales service is an important means of improving competitiveness. The brand is a product, price and service complex. The future sales are the sales of brands and services. The brand attracts customers and the service is retained. “Good quality is stronger than 100 smiles” is Osram’s code of conduct. It is also the concept of Osram serving thousands of people. With its excellent and sincere after-sales service, the Osma brand has been transplanted into the hearts of people. In the ten years since the establishment of the Osram Integrated ceiling brand, dealers have grown from scratch, and now they have grown to more than 500 dealers across the country. It took only ten years, Oss and the United States to integrate suspended ceilings with sweat and hardships. Efforts have been made to take a step-by-step approach to success.

Looking at the steady growth of Osram's integrated ceiling, after ten years of stormy weather, the heavy zero began to fight to the joy of today's harvest, but Osmium is not sufficient for existing success, never relaxed in the moment, for In the future development, Osmium has long been successful! To the Internet, online trading is the future trend, in terms of investment, but also from the offline development to online, through the search engine bidding, the industry website advertising, increase investment Strength is the top priority of the next job. Whether or not future performance will reach new heights, all Osmium employees will demonstrate their enthusiasm for Oswald's integrated ceiling.

It is even harder to dare to climb the peaks, and the full-bodied Osmians show us their spirit of fighting hard and not admit defeat. We believe that in the future, the Ossium integrated ceiling will eventually grow into an eagle that will fly and fight.

The related information about the development course of the Osram Integrated ceiling brand was introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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