New product recommendation: low-key luxury Gujia home Chinese modern leather bed

Simple but not simple, low-key and not vulgar, luxurious and not extravagant, the Chinese modern style erases many of the past complicated decorations and carvings, abandons the abuse of expensive and precious wood, and expresses the modern people's space environment in a clearer and more concise way. Instinctive pursuit of sensibility and rationality. Today, Xiaobian recommends a representative bedpiece for Chinese-style homes – Gujia Home Chinese Modern Leather Bed. The dark and calm material is rich in color, the artistic pleats are decorated with pleats, and there are all kinds of details, which will definitely surprise you a lot. Product brand Gujia home product name Gujia home Chinese modern leather bed B-181 style Chinese modern production Hangzhou frame material pine / multi-layer board surface and filling material surface for leather / PVC, filled with sponge / silk cotton material can be customized can be 1.5 m*2.0m, 1.8m*2.0m reference price Tmall Mall (1.5m*2.0m): 8620 yuan (without bed box) 10020 yuan (with bed box); Tmall Mall (1.8m*2.0m): 9285 yuan (without bed box) 10845 yuan (with bed box)
In fact, life is never a simple make-up. After precipitation, we can produce more insights into life, just like this leather soft bed. The dark gray calming tone gives a rich and elegant texture, and the smooth bedside arc is exquisite and generous, and the pleat treatment undoubtedly adds a lot of fine elegance to this seemingly simple thing. Speaking of beauty, maybe some people don't think so. It is not like the luxury of classical European style, there is no beautiful decoration and color, and there is no post-modern trend and any high-profile elements. Its beauty is only the true feeling that quality brings to users.
At the end of the bed, it is tightly connected to the bedside, and the leather cover is also very smooth. The cover and wrinkles at the end of the bed echo the bed. It can be seen that the guarantee of quality is also so important. The bed can be customized as a bed box, which can be used for quilts or clothes and other sundries that are not used this season, saving a lot of space for the family.
The sheet of the bed board uses the larch in the northeast of China. After the test of severe temperature, the larch wood is thick and solid, with good strength against compression and bending, and long service life. It is a good plate for making fine furniture. The part of the bed is made of cowhide veneer, gray-green O-type cowhide, which is more textured and more wear-resistant. Other leather parts use PVC veneer.
In summary, this bedding can be said to be very healthy, because the formaldehyde content has reached the most stringent standards in the country, the quality of the soft leather and even the plate is also high, and the overall feeling is simple and generous, low-key but without losing the fine details. It is a good choice for high-end people who are pursuing quality of life.

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