Analyze the characteristics of modern furniture

1, the universal use of furniture

The universality of the use of furniture has been widely used in ancient furniture. In modern society, furniture is ubiquitous and ubiquitous. With its unique functions, furniture runs through all aspects of modern life: work, study, teaching, research, communication, tourism, entertainment, rest, and other related activities, and with the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, and life. Changes in the way, furniture is also in the process of development and change. For example, hotel furniture, commercial furniture, modern office furniture developed in China since the reform and opening up, as well as audio-visual cabinets, jewellery cabinets, bars, kitchen furniture, children's furniture, etc. in civil furniture, especially SOFO office furniture in the information age, is also modern furniture. The new categories generated during the development process, with different functional characteristics and different cultural vocabularies, meet the different psychological and physiological needs of different user groups.

2, the duality of furniture functions

Furniture is not only a simple functional material product, but also a popular popular art. It must satisfy certain specific direct uses, but also satisfy people's viewing, so that people can produce certain kinds during contact and use. An aesthetic pleasure and a spiritual need to enrich the association. It involves not only technical fields such as materials, processes, equipment, chemicals, electrical appliances, hardware, and plastics, but also social sciences such as sociology, behavioral science, aesthetics, psychology, and plastic arts theory. Therefore, furniture is both a material product and an artistic creation. This is the dual characteristic of furniture that people often say.

3. The type, quantity, function, form, style and production level of furniture's social furniture, as well as the possession of social furniture, also reflect the social lifestyle of a country and region in a certain historical period, the level of social material civilization. And historical and cultural characteristics. Furniture is the symbol of the development level of social productivity of a certain country or region in a certain historical period. It is the epitome of a certain lifestyle and the appearance of a certain cultural form. Therefore, furniture has a rich and profound sociality.

4, the beauty of modern furniture

Modeling is the key to the success of furniture design. A good, beautiful shape can bring visual beauty and spiritual pleasure and comfort. A successful design must first follow the contrast in aesthetics: contrast between coarse and fine, contrast between circle and square, and contrast between curved and straight. Because of these contrasting relationships, the furniture is harmonious, bright and modern, full of modernity and rhythm.

In today's society, due to the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for design not only satisfy the sense of comfort, but also pay more attention to aesthetics. People appreciate it more, and they need new and unique, creative products that give people a refreshing look. This requires the designer to start from the basic concept, consider the people's future, and consider the development trend of people's life, so as to design furniture products that exceed the current level and create the new lifestyle. Moreover, according to the consumer's functional requirements for furniture, the original ideas and impulses of product ideas emerged, and then implemented into specific designs. For example, a piece of furniture that won the China Young Designer Grand Prix created a new form of chair furniture. The chair adopts the principle of “tumbler”. The material is formed plywood. The whole seat is divided into three parts: seat surface, tray and support seat. The concentric hollow sphere is used. The tray and the support base are cut into a circular section on the spherical surface. The face is cut into an elliptical surface on the sphere, and from any angle, it shows a cocoon shape. Sitting on a chair, you can turn in any direction and relax at will. This original piece of furniture breaks through the shape and structure of the existing chair and gives a refreshing feeling. 5, the beauty of modern furniture

The shape of the furniture design can give the viewer an aesthetic sense and is based on its material. We know that the shape of any furniture is created by materials. Without suitable materials, the unique shape is difficult to achieve. As far as furniture is concerned, it is actually attached to materials and process technology, and is reflected by process technology. come out. There are two types of furniture materials: one is natural materials (such as wood, bamboo, rattan, etc.), and the other is artificial materials (such as plastic, glass, metal, etc.). The difference in materials makes the furniture feel different in visual and tactile sense in processing technology. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, the surface texture is more ostent by manual processing: smooth and smooth materials are smooth and rough. The materials have a simple appearance, the soft materials have the feeling of the skin... The treatment of these materials can also make the furniture light, soft, soft, dark and warm, so we can say that the proper use of furniture materials, It not only strengthens the artistic effect of furniture, but also an important symbol of the quality of furniture. The furniture design emphasizes the organic combination of natural materials and artificial materials, such as artificial fine materials such as metal and glass, and the natural coarse and heavy materials such as coarse wood, rattan and bamboo strips. The metal such as glass reflects the artificial materials through machining. Accurate and regular, natural materials such as bamboo, wood and rattan show human hand marks and convey a kind of humanized things. Therefore, the furniture design combining natural materials and artificial materials reflects the clever borrowing contrast and The combination of materials will be rough and delicate, precise and extensive, and can reflect a texture contrast in a specific environment. Through the visual contrast of different materials, the viewer can taste the details of different materials and present the furniture design. The beauty of the material. 6, the color beauty of modern furniture

Color is a symbolic elemental symbol. Although it has no emotions, once it is connected with people's lives, it becomes a tool for people to express their emotions. In the design of furniture, the use of color can reflect the design style of the living environment, reflecting the occupational characteristics, aesthetic taste and cultural accomplishment of the occupants. Furniture designers should not only use the form and texture to express the style of furniture design, but also make full use of color to express the mood of design. They are used to refine, generalize and design according to the colorful natural colors. Color language is used to form a certain color relationship, and the appropriate layout of colors is used to form a sense of rhythm and rhythm, so that it forms a unique language and conveys an emotion to attract and infect consumers.

The color of furniture design sometimes emphasizes its cleanliness. This is because people's choice of furniture requires it to be comfortable, and it is easy to clean. Many furniture use symbols.

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