Atoll fabric recliner design

What a striking lounge chair! Imagine that you will melt comfortably in this chair. Christened Atoll, this recliner is named after the four islands or regions that make up this lounge. Have you seen it, this recliner has armrests on one side, is it very unique? The four wooden chair legs support the metal structure of the recliner, while the atoll, or the island, is made of fabric-covered foam. The creator of this recliner is French designer Patrick Norguet, yes, the designer of the "Rainbow Chair" that was permanently exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art Collections in New York. And this time, the Atoll lounge chair is so elegant, simple and sexy, it is likely to be the perfect conquest of MOMA. From top to bottom, we can see that this recliner is made up of four island shapes. Careful observation of each part, the fabric material texture is delicate, giving a pure and comfortable feeling. The perfect curve fits the human body curve, giving the most comfortable lying experience.

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