Not up to the new standard mahogany furniture will be banned after 4 months

According to the mandatory standard “General Technical Conditions for Redwood Furniture” (GB28010-2011), which was issued on August 1, 2012, all the mahogany furniture for sale must meet the new standard after 6 months from the date of introduction. Otherwise, Prohibition of sales. After February 1, 2013, mahogany furniture must be sold with the "1 book, 1 card, 1 card" (ie product manual, mahogany furniture product quality card and product certificate). According to industry insiders, this new rule is a triple guarantee for the identity and quality of mahogany furniture, and it is also a means to clarify the brand's true information on mahogany furniture, which will effectively reduce the risk of consumers' purchase. The industry believes that there are many types of mahogany furniture, and the materials are also very different. The phenomenon of shoddy and fake in the mahogany furniture market has occurred from time to time. The "General Technical Conditions for Mahogany Furniture" has clearly defined and subdivided the ten contents of the mahogany furniture market in China in terms of scope, terminology and definitions, requirements, quality indications, and test methods. The reporter visited some of the mahogany furniture stores in Huizhou and saw that some of the furniture had been in accordance with the requirements of the new national standard, and the "book card certificate" was matched. At the same time, some mahogany furniture store owners think that the adjustment time is a bit short. "There is more than four months from the date of implementation of the new standard for mahogany furniture, but it is time-consuming to match the "1 book 1 card 1 certificate". Forces, many merchants are afraid that time is too late, hope that the store can extend the clearance time, but we have clearly stated that it will be strictly in accordance with the new standards."

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