Secret bathroom decoration Feng Shui taboo

There are many taboos in the bathroom decoration, and there are also many precautions, but as a private home, we have to carefully arrange to have a perfect enjoyment. However, the bathroom decoration is not as good as the aesthetics, and the bathroom is good for feng shui. The following items cannot be less.

Choice of bathroom orientation

What kind of position should the bathroom be at home? This is what we have to master. The main function of the bathroom is to wash away the pollution, so from the feng shui, its role in a home is to collect, is a place that can bring good luck to the home, so the dark corner and fierce position is its The best choice.

Bathroom decoration

The location is chosen, how should the interior of the bathroom be decorated? What aspects should it pay attention to? Please see the introduction of the following small series.

(1) First of all, in the bathroom decoration Feng Shui, for the overall color choice of the bathroom, we should choose a white tone or a yellow color with warm colors, so as to bring a clean feeling to the bathroom, the ceiling uses integrated hanging or plaster ceiling, such a The ceiling has a long service life and good moisture resistance. Fresh green and other colors can be used in the selection of wall tiles, but the choice of floor tiles should be noted that the use of patterned friction tiles is the best choice.

(2) In the setting of the toilet, we should avoid the door of the bathroom, and should not be opposite to the mirror of the bathroom, otherwise it will spread the suffocating gas, which needs special attention in the feng shui of the bathroom decoration.

(3) In the decoration of the bathroom, it is better to separate from the decorative area of ​​the toilet to form a separate space. This not only ensures the drying of the toilet, but also ensures the cleanliness of the bathroom. There is also the choice of the mirror, the size should be moderate, in line with the bathroom area. Do not use a border mirror with sharp edges and corners, which will affect the health of your family and cause unrest in your health.

In the bathroom decoration Feng Shui, the above points are the most important thing we should pay attention to, and it is also the most practical value in the bathroom decoration Feng Shui.

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