Toshiba pushes 75V withstanding voltage n-channel power MOSFET with 2.6mΩ on-resistance

Toshiba has introduced a 75-volt-voltage n-channel power MOSFET “TPH2R608NH” with an on-resistance of only 2.6mΩ (the maximum value at a gate-to-source voltage of +10V).

According to reports, the new product uses Toshiba's unique process technology "U-MOSVIII-H" and "achieves the industry's top low on-resistance and high-speed switching characteristics." This product is mainly used for switching power supplies (AC-DC converters) and DC-DC converters provided for servers and communication equipment.

The new product has a maximum continuous drain current of 150A and a maximum pulsed drain current of 500A. For the threshold voltage of the gate, the maximum value is +2.0V and the minimum value is +4.0V. The gate leakage current is ±0.1μA (maximum).

The gate charge is 72nC (nominal). The amount of charge (QSW) required for the gate switch is only 28 nC (nominal), enabling high-speed switching operation. The input capacitance is 4600pF (nominal), the output capacitance is 1100pF (nominal), the feedback capacitance is 50pF (nominal), and the gate resistance is 1.0Ω (nominal). The new product is available in a 5mm x 6mm x 0.95mm SOP Advance package. The price has not been announced yet. (Special Contributor: Yamashita is better than himself)

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