How to clean the matte skin

The matte leather is a material that we often come into contact with in our daily life. The leather garments, leather shoes, bags, and sofa cushions made of matte leather are very comfortable to use. But how clean nubuck leather go? Daily how clean matte skin it? Xiao Bian to share with you today nubuck leather how to clean it clean.

How to clean the matte skin: matte leather clothes

1. The most noteworthy problem when cleaning this type of clothes is to prevent degreasing and hardening of the leather jacket, followed by drying of the leather garment after washing to minimize deformation of the garment.

2. In order to avoid the above problems, the general household should choose neutral cleaning materials (such as silk wool) when cleaning manually. To prevent discoloration, deformation, and wrinkling of leather garments, low-temperature washing is required. Brush with a soft brush and do not rub or twist. When rinsing water, you should use your hands to cover your shoulders and squat up and down. During the last water rinse, add a few drops of white vinegar to the water to neutralize the detergent that may remain in the skin.

3. In order to avoid wrinkling and deformation, leather garments can be dehydrated after rinsing water, and clean dry towels can be used to absorb moisture; the leather garments can also be wrapped, rolled, and dehydrated with a bath towel.

4. Before the leather garments are air-dry, it is best to lay the leather garments on clean dry bath towels. After the water is basically evaporated, let it dry on the other side. When the leather garment is still in the dry state, flatten the parts with your hands and rub and massage properly to eliminate possible wrinkles. After the leather garment is completely dry, it needs to be gently combed with a soft brush to make the leather garment more clean and organized.

How to clean the matte leather: Pisa leather shoes

1. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently remove stains when cleaning matte shoes. Pay attention to smoothing in the same direction so that the texture can be smooth, but do not rub oil. Use 2 parts of dishwashing liquid, 1 part of vinegar, 50 parts of water (temperature 30-40°C) to form a cleaning solution, brush the solution with shoes and carefully wash the surface of the shoes.

2. Be careful not to dip the shoes into the solution when washing, and try not to let the shoes have too much solution. When the surface of the shoe is basically washed, the surface of the shoe is washed with clean water once or twice, and the shoe is left to dry in a cool and dry place.

3. When applying oil, apply an average amount of leather fatliquor or emulsified oil (which can be obtained from the tannery, with the oil content controlled at 50 to 60%) with a brush to the surface of the suede that has been washed and dried to a half dry amount. About 100 grams of shoes. During the painting process, care should be taken to allow the oil to penetrate the skin.

4. After leaving for 30 minutes, use a 35°C water brush to brush the slick on the surface of the shoe, and put the shoes on a cool, dry place. When the suede shoes are dry when finishing, brush the surface with a wire brush or a coarse sandpaper to make the hairs reappear and brush them again. Through the above procedures, suede shoes will be like new shoes.

How to clean the matte leather: matte leather bag

Before the dry cleaning of the nubuck bag, polish the contaminated site with fine sandpaper, then spray the dry cleaning additive on the site, and then add a series of procedures such as fatliquoring, drying and ironing. I am here to introduce a more professional cleaning method, if the matte skin black discoloration, care more, do not recommend individuals to clean their own, need to be sent to a specialized care shop cleaning.

Really this is not better than other bags. If it is contaminated with stains, it is very easy to cause the bags to fade if we wash ourselves. If it is just a little bit of a stain, we can use soft cloth to dip in warm water and gently wipe. Don't be too hard.

There is also a little way to go, but only with those little smudges. We can use soft cloth moistened with warm water, and then a little bit, a little bit of toothpaste like, gently wipe, then wipe with warm water, and then wait for it to dry, but this method can not be used in the same place, Otherwise, the color will become lighter.

How to clean the matte leather: matte leather sofa

1, first with a "matt leather cleaning cloth" wrapped in a soft sponge, gently polished on the surface of the sofa, so you can take away 50% to 80% of the waterborne pollutants; (note that the sofa surface can not be wet)

2, with the Italian leather doctor's "degreasing agent" sprayed in the oily place, about 20 minutes or so, degreasing agent will penetrate into the leather inside the oil stains resolved into a white crystal stay on the surface of the leather, then we use soft The brush gently removes the white powder;

3, then use "sandwich soft softener" down on the surface of the sea, with the sea surface into a bubble desert, and then the bubble desert in a circular motion gently applied to the surface of the leather, matte leather soft detergent will penetrate into the leather inside , bring out the dirt;

4, thoroughly cleaned, let the matte leather sofa naturally dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process (note that the temperature should not be too high, a long time high temperature will cause damage to the leather);

5. After thoroughly drying out, wrap a clean "frosted leather cleaning cloth" around the sea and gently wipe the cleaned area from different directions until the original visual and feel effects are restored.

6. Shake the “matte skin protection agent” and spray it evenly on the surface of the leather at a distance of about 30cm, allowing it to air dry naturally for about 1 hour. A layer of water antifouling protection layer will be formed on the surface of the matte leather sofa.

Information on how to clean the matte leather was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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