Early rice cold-breeding technology

During the spring sowing period, there is a “cold spring cold”. Therefore, during the spring sowing period, we must pay close attention to the weather changes, rationally arrange the sowing date and the sowing date, ensure that the cultivation is strong and not strong, and lay the foundation for the early rice harvest. Now we will introduce the early rice for everyone. Cold-proof breeding technology.

Early rice cold-breeding technology:

1. Reasonable variety layout, timely planting. Prepare your seeds early. When planting the planting period, factors such as the growth period of the variety, the mix of the mouth, the climate characteristics, the breeding method, the late rice seeding stage (or other post-production) should be fully considered. At the same time, carefully monitor the situation of spring and spring in the year and the previous year, and arrange the insertion period.

2. Promote new breeding techniques such as dry nursery, dry breeding and throwing, and wet throwing. When adopting this technology, it should be noted that: first, choose fertile and loose vegetable garden soil or dry land to do dry breeding; secondly, control the seeding amount, age and basic seedlings; and thirdly, do three throws when throwing; The fourth is to fully spray paclobutrazol and promote the special agent for raising sputum.

3. Soak the seeds at the right time. According to the weather forecast, timely soaking and germination should be carried out. Do "see the perennial in the sowing period, see the time in the sowing period", seize the "cold tail warm head" weather, grab the sunny planting.

4. Thin tube seedlings. Seriously do a good job of preparing for the defense of "cold spring". The first is to promote the promotion of film breeding; the second is to increase the application of hot ash such as grass ash and fire-burning soil; the third is to spray paclobutrazol in one-leaf period, and to apply foliar fertilizer such as plant power 2003 in the second leaf stage. Or when the second leaf is in the low temperature, the dry nursery and the throwing cockroaches are prone to blight, and it is necessary to emphasize the spraying with the pesticides such as dixon; the fourth is to encounter the sunny day after the low temperature, and avoid the film being suddenly uncovered. Uncover the film, do not blindly apply quick-acting fertilizer such as urea, and apply it every few days. Do not suddenly cut off water to prevent physiological dehydration.

5. Check seedlings to reproduce. After the cold damage, it is necessary to immediately go to the field to check the seedlings, especially before and after the second-leaf bagging period, and affected by the cold damage, it should be replenished in time.

6. Control pests and diseases in Putian. Focus on disease prevention and control of cotton rot, blight, bacterial wilt, nursery, etc., seed disinfection before planting, with medicine transplanted into the field.

Early rice cold-breeding technology is introduced here, in order to improve the quality of transplanting, to achieve age, shallow insertion, seedling reduction, deep application, strict specifications, timely application of herbicide after insertion. Pay attention to early tube and promote early onset. Strive for a low number of branches, increase the rate of adulthood, and set up a shelf for high yields.

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