LED display outdoor installation and fault detection

With the popularization and application of LED electronic display screens and LED full-color screens, LED display screens have become a beautiful landscape in today's information society. Especially at night, LED display screens are blooming and people can feel the world. Colorful and colorful.

LED display outdoor installation <br> <br> outdoor LED billboards with good stability, low power consumption, wide range of radiation and other advantages, with the outdoors dissemination of information, is the most appropriate product. Basically, common LED displays include advertising screens, text screens, graphic screens, and so on, which are also the first choices for urban life and brightness.

Then, when constructing such high-quality LED advertisements in the outdoors, what specific factors should be taken care of? I believe that these contents are the topics most concerned by everyone, especially for some technical construction workers, knowing that outdoor construction and maintenance of advertising screens will effectively promote Business advertising, information dissemination.

First, the field survey here refers to some outdoor LED display screen before installation, should be specific to the environment, terrain, radiation range, brightness acceptance and other parameters of the new unified test, in order to ensure the smooth installation of billboards, require the installation of lifting Before that, a uniform lifting plan must be implemented for commanders to ensure that the equipment can be used normally and stably.

Second, LED equipment to build For some outdoor LED billboards to build, we must distinguish between wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof advertising screen. In the actual installation, all cranes and hoists should be used to lift the parts according to the distance. At the same time, ensure that the above personnel cooperate with each other. For a high-altitude LED advertising screen, there is a better installation process.

Third, the luminous radiation range debugging Next, we must conduct a specific radiation range detection, due to different radiation range, LED display structure is not the same perspective, according to the field acceptance capabilities and normal viewing angle range of outdoor LED display installation work , to ensure that every angle from afar, you can see the normal, balanced brightness of the image, subtitle information.

LED display fault detection

With the continuous expansion of the LED display applications, LED display problems appear more and more problems, then in the end how to test the LED display fault? Here's a brief introduction for everyone.

1, resistance detection method, the multimeter is adjusted to the resistance file, detects a certain point of the normal circuit board resistance to the ground, and then test the same point of another same circuit board test and the normal resistance value is different, If it is different then the scope of the problem is determined.

2, voltage detection method, the multimeter is transferred to the voltage file, to detect the voltage of the point of doubt of the circuit of a certain point of the ground, compare whether it is similar to the normal value, otherwise determine the scope of the problem.

3, short-circuit detection method, the multimeter to short-circuit detection block (some diode downshift or resistance file, generally with alarm function), the detection of whether there is a short circuit phenomenon, found that short-circuit should be given priority to solve, so that it does not burn out Other devices. This method must be operated with the circuit powered down to avoid damage to the watch.

4, pressure drop detection method, the multimeter to the diode drop detection file, because all of the IC is composed of many basic units, but miniaturized, so when there is a current through a pin, There will be a voltage drop on the pin. Generally, the voltage drop on the same pin of the same type of IC is similar, and the voltage drop on the pin is better or worse, and the circuit must be operated with the power off. This method has certain limitations. For example, if the device under test is high-impedance, it cannot be detected.

Subsequent inspections, including many areas, such as LED display waterproof, heat dissipation layer, LED waterproof coating, the display area above the rain, both sides of the cooling empty, power supply lines, etc., these basic parts products constitute the entire stability Good graphic LED display, late technical maintenance, it is necessary to carry out a unified management and maintenance of these components, encountered product rust, instability, damage, the need for timely replacement to ensure the safe use of the entire display. Text / Shenzhen LED base

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