Precautions when painting the door

Because the quality of the paint used on the surface is difficult to distinguish, if you call yourself a high-grade PU (polyester) paint, and the price is very low, you can judge that it is almost impossible to use high-grade environmentally friendly paint. When choosing a paint door, don't be confused by the temporary surface brightness. When you have the feeling of using the low-grade paint door, you will find that under the pollution of the fume, the color may fade after a short period of time, and the gloss will gradually disappear.

Quantity door needs to pay attention to

Quantitative door object: The main quantity is the height, width and thickness of the door opening.

The door time: It is the case that the owner and the decoration construction party have confirmed that the door hole has not been changed. It is better to mark the thickness of the door hole that has been putty-containing before the wall is not putty.

1. If there is no gatestone below the doorway, the owner must tell the master to prepare the Anmen gangue or all the floorboards. If the slabs are covered, the thickness of the sills should be reported. The type of wood flooring (specifically solid wood flooring and imitation wood flooring, laminate flooring) and thickness, in order to eliminate the size when making the door, so as not to make the door to be safe.

2. Some owners have to expand the door hole because the door is too narrow. If the brick body is exposed, the size of the door opening will be very large. At this time, the person in the door will remind the owner to pay attention. It is best to let the decoration worker expose it. Part of the brick body is scraped and smoothed to ensure the accuracy of the door opening to the greatest extent.

Door hole type

1. Standard type, especially the left, right and upper sides of the door hole have wall squats, which does not require another wall sill when installing the door.

2, unilateral T-wall: specifically refers to the wall of the door has a wall body, one side without a wall is a flat wall, this door hole needs to be installed another wall or use a wooden plank to make a fake wall, if There are surplus bricks. It is best to use bricks to pick up the wall. This can effectively avoid the problem of cracks between the wall and the false twist after the putty is scraped.

3, bilateral no wall åž›: This kind of door hole is common in the aisle door hole, this kind of door hole needs to be on the sides of the door and the wall must be another wall.

The above description is the measurement of the size of the door with double-sided lines, and the other door is the "7" line door, that is, the door line seen outside or inside the door is the number "7" or the opposite "7" Glyph. This kind of door is more common because the door hole itself is too narrow. If it is not realistic, it is not realistic. If you need to make the "7" line, you must seek the opinions of the owner when you are measuring the door.

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