Gypsum board wall material gypsum board partition wall construction technology

We all know that gypsum board has been widely used as a partition material. It is because these characteristics of gypsum board can stand out. What are the materials of gypsum board partition wall ? Gypsum board partition wall construction process how? The following small series briefly introduces the plasterboard wall material .

Gypsum board partition material

There are two kinds of gypsum board; one is only the ceiling decoration - calcium calcium gypsum board. The general specification is 600*600*14mm, or 300*300 and 600*1200mm. One type can be used for double ceilings and partitions, which is what you call plain plasterboard. The national standard specification thickness is 9.5mm.12mm.15mm. The general length and width are 2400*1200 and 3000*1200mm.

The plain plaster board has a smooth surface after scraping putty. Indoor lighting is not strong, there will be no heavy reflection. You can brush latex paint on the plasterboard. Plain paper gypsum board is generally gray in color. Light green and pink. They are ordinary, moisture-resistant and refractory boards.

Gypsum board partition wall construction technology

1. Before the construction of the gypsum board, according to the requirements of the office decoration design, clearly mark the position of the wall and the door opening.

2. The types and specifications of the gypsum board used in the gypsum board construction must meet the construction quality requirements.

3. Check the position of all the pipelines related to the wall. The construction of the pipeline can only be performed after the correctness of the line.

4. Before placing the keel along the top and along the top, place a five-mm thick rubber pad in the perimeter with the width of the keel.

5. It is best to use the nails along the ground and along the top keel for fixing. The spacing should be less than 600mm.

6. Vertical keel spacing is generally four hundred millimeters, starting from one end of the wall. When the last one is larger than the design spacing, one more is added and a new keel is added on each side of the door opening.

7. The main keel is not more than half the width of the gypsum board plus a gap, generally five millimeters apart, the upper and lower ends are inserted along the side keel, and the vertical main keel against the wall or on the pillar is fixed with a nail, and the nail distance is not more than 900 Mm.

8. The construction of the light steel keel partition shall be guided to the ceiling by the line hammer with the center line of the partition wall drawn on the ground. The center line of the slot on the partition wall is consistent with the center line of the ground, and is installed on the same vertical center line. The wall surface will be flat, and the ground line and the reserved ink line of the door and window shall be correct. After the review, the ink line shall be closed. When the second side plate is sealed, the installation pipeline shall be installed before being installed.

Information on plasterboard partitions was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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