What are the ground materials Huang Xiaoming announced for you?

What are the ground materials ? The ground material is an important preparation for the decoration of the ground. The floor materials of the interior floor decoration materials mainly include floor coatings, wood, bamboo flooring, flooring, floor tiles, plastic flooring, and carpets. Let's take a look at the ground materials .

What are the ground materials

Floor material 1, floor coating

Floor paint, water-based floor coating, emulsion-type floor coating, solvent-based floor coating.

Ground material 2, wood, bamboo flooring

Solid wood strip flooring, solid wood parquet flooring, engineered wood flooring, artificial board flooring, composite laminate flooring, thin wood flooring, solid wood parquet flooring, integrated flooring, bamboo strip flooring, bamboo parquet flooring.

Ground material 3, polymer floor

Polyvinyl acetate floor, epoxy floor, polyester floor, polyurethane floor.

Ground material 4, floor tiles

Cement flower brick, terrazzo prefabricated floor tile, ceramic floor tile, mosaic floor tile, cast-in-place millstone floor.

Ground material 5, plastic floor

Printing embossed plastic floor, grain pattern floor, foam plastic floor, plastic floor roll.

Ground material 6, carpet

Pure wool carpet, blended carpet, synthetic fiber carpet, plastic carpet, plant fiber carpet.

The above is a brief introduction to the ground materials and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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