The material of top priority

TV background wall decoration is a key point, and a well-decorated decoration will bring the finishing touch to the whole family decoration. Many owners are also asking how to decorate the TV background wall. What material is good for the TV background wall ? Below, Xiao Bian For everyone, we have collected a few kinds of decoration materials that are currently popular and give everyone a reference!

Using wood material

Everyone knows about wood panels. The use of wood panels in the decoration process is very extensive. For example, doors, windows, wardrobes, furniture, etc., may use wood panels. In recent years, the number of people using it as a living room TV background wall has also gradually increased. Because it has a wide range of varieties and prices, it is also very affordable. The use of wood panels as a background wall will not conflict with other wooden furniture, but it will be a better match. Create a consistent effect on the decoration style, and clean the background wall is also very convenient.

Natural artificial stone

Living in a noisy big city, many people yearn for a peaceful and pleasant country life, so the simple, natural home style is loved by many people. Then, when choosing to decorate the TV background wall, the natural artificial stone material can be used to give people a feeling of returning to nature. The living room TV background wall reflects the relevant important position of the living room decoration style. The natural stone can be selected. A very good result.

Use glass, metal

There are still many people who like to use glass materials and metal materials as living room TV background walls. Modern minimalist style can bring a strong sense of modernity to the living room, so people often use it as one of the materials for wall decoration, material prices. The aspect is relatively cheap, but the difficulty will be relatively increased during construction.

Use wallpaper, wall cloth

Going to the monopoly wallpaper and wall covering market, most people will be deeply attracted by their brightly colored wallpapers and wall coverings. In recent years, the background wall has been popular with wallpaper decorations and has many styles on the pattern. The decoration is not only environmentally friendly, but also brings visually different effects.

If the color is afraid of giving people visual fatigue, you can choose to apply a relatively light pattern. You can also use your own wedding photos or life photos as a living room TV background wall, feeling very warm.

Paint, art spray paint

The use of art spraying to create a living room TV background wall will give people a strong sense of color.

If paint is used to decorate the living room TV background wall, special attention should be paid to the design. In color matching, attention must be paid to coordination with other layouts of the living room.

Variety of gypsum board

This material is characterized by a complex shape and a long construction period. It is also the most common material used in home furnishings. Its ever-changing artistic form is unmatched by other materials. However, since it was done together with the walls after selection, it was very difficult to change the style of the home improvement. It was obviously a conflict for people to decorate and decorate.

Other materials

Wall decoration cabinet: The wall is made of decorative cabinet style, it has a storage function, can be open, but also closed, but the entire cabinet should not be too large. It is also possible to design a typical enclosed decorative cabinet design that can contain a lot of items. The two extra boards that are placed in the middle are practical and beautiful. They can be disassembled into one piece for easy handling and installation.

Flexible collocations

If it seems that there is still no satisfactory TV background material, there is still a very flexible solution. It is to set up some space in the video wall area, which can be used to display some of your favorite decorations. The room for selection is very large, and can be replaced at any time, simple but without losing the taste, but special attention should be paid to the proper arrangement of the lighting, the lighting used to highlight the local lighting can not be too bright, otherwise it may affect the TV viewing effect .

Xiao Bian concludes: The above information about what beautiful materials are used for the TV backdrop , Xiao Bian has roughly introduced here. More home improvement knowledge, please pay attention to this site information!

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