Is the commonly used plastic packaging completely harmless to the human body?

When it comes to plastics , our lives are everywhere, and it is already full of people's lives. So is plastic completely harmless to our body? Researchers at an authoritative medical school in Massachusetts, USA, have experimented with this problem.

Is the commonly used plastic packaging completely harmless to the human body?
The researchers fed a dose of bisphenol A to pregnant female mice. This dose is equivalent to the dose that humans are exposed to in their daily lives. They found that after taking bisphenol A, the number of cells in the breast tissue increased sharply and the density increased, and these cells were the "hotbeds" of breast tumors.
At the same time, the researchers also found that the "natural defense barrier" in these mice protects the cells of the tissue from decreasing. These cells are originally used to treat damaged cells that may cause cancer, and prevent the formation of tumors or cancer. If the number is reduced, it means that the body is more likely to be infected by cancer cells.

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