Professor Ma Yanzhang from Texas Tech University attended the academic exchange of the School of Materials

Abstract On the afternoon of October 26th, the National “Thousand Talents Program” was selected by Professor Ma Yanzhang from the Texas University of Science and Technology to visit the School of Materials, and made a great potential for shearing in the ultra-high pressure state for the teachers and students of the School of Materials. ...
On the afternoon of October 26th, the National “Thousand Talents Program” was selected by Professor Ma Yanzhang from the Texas University of Science and Technology to visit the School of Materials, and gave a great potential for “teachers under ultra-high pressure”. A wonderful academic report. Professor Zou Wenjun, Dean of the School of Materials, Professor Li Ying, Associate Dean, relevant teachers, graduate students and undergraduates attended the conference. The conference was chaired by Professor Li Ying, the vice president.

In the report, Professor Ma Yanzhang introduced the singular phenomenon that appeared under the conditions of ultra-high temperature and high pressure and shearing conditions with vivid examples. For example, boron (B) exhibits BB ion-bonding under the action of ultra-high temperature, high pressure and shear. The related results have been published in the journal Nature; the transition from hBN to wBN; the high pressure phase of azide and its shear The polymerization effect and so on. Subsequently, relevant teachers and students conducted academic exchanges on issues related to shearing under ultra-high pressure conditions.

After the meeting, Professor Ma Yanzhang, accompanied by Professor Zou Wenjun, Professor Li Ying and related teachers, visited the relevant laboratories of the School of Materials and conducted academic exchanges. Prof. Ma Yanzhang affirmed the achievements of the School of Materials in scientific research, academic platforms and cooperation in production, education and research in recent years. In particular, our institute has done a lot of pioneering work in the fields of ultra-high pressure synthetic diamond, coated abrasives and ceramic abrasives. Work has a wide range of influence at home and abroad. He hopes to further strengthen academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation with the help of the materials research institute and talents. Professor Zou Wenjun expressed his warm welcome to Professor Ma Yanzhang at the School of Materials. He praised Professor Ma for his scientific research achievements in ultra-high voltage scientific research. He hoped that Professor Ma would come to our hospital for academic guidance in the future, and I hope that our teachers and students regularly I went to the Texas Tech University to exchange visits and continuously improve the research level and academic quality of our teachers and students.

This academic report opened up the vision of teachers and students of the School of Materials, and provided a new way of thinking for teachers and students. The teachers and students were influenced by the masters. The teachers and students showed great interest in professional knowledge and basic research. This lecture will bring the talent training and international exchange and cooperation of the School of Materials to a new level! (Written by: Zhao Zhiwei Review: Li Ying)

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