Gas water heater installation precautions

Today, gas is widely used among urban residents, and there are not many rural areas. As a natural energy source, gas is convenient, clean and pollution-free. When winter arrives, the electricity consumption in the home begins to rise sharply. Burning a hot water bath feels like a flower, thank you, this is a recent new experience of Xiaobian, but it is different for a gas water heater. Nowadays, the popularity of gas in urban residents is wider, compared with the rural areas. Not much. As a natural energy source, gas is convenient, clean and pollution-free. When winter arrives, the electricity consumption in the home begins to rise sharply. Burning a hot water bath feels like the flowers are thankful, this is a recent new experience of Xiaobian, but changing the gas water heater is not the same, first you can choose a constant temperature gas water heater to ensure that there is hot water for 24 hours, followed by general There is no error in the installation of the water heater, and the best effect is achieved with the lowest consumption. You can try it. However, it is important to remember that the popularization of gas is an important factor that is a safety hazard. In the event of a gas explosion, the resulting personal injury is immeasurable. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the installation of gas water heaters to prevent major safety accidents.
Professional installation

For gas water heaters, its installation requires a high degree of technicality. First, after the consent of the property, the installation agreement is signed before the installation of the gas water heater can be carried out. Secondly, when selecting the installer, it is important to pay attention to whether the installer has professional skills, whether he has received professional training and obtained professional qualification. Finally, the installation of the gas water heater is prohibited, and the user is prohibited from moving the machine and installing it.

Correct use

For the user, when using the gas water heater, you need to carefully read the instruction manual of the gas water heater in advance and use it according to the operation mode on the manual.

Leakage prevention

The power supply and wires of gas water heaters must be protected by secrets, especially the water heaters installed in the bathroom. Make sure that electrical equipment such as power supplies and sockets are not intruded by water. It is best to use splash-proof sockets; for outdoor installations outdoors. Model, the socket should be set indoors, pay attention to moisture, splash water.

The power supply must have a reliable ground wire and use separate lines. It is strictly forbidden to connect the original power cable.

Water leakage prevention

If the gas water heater leaks, it will cause leakage after the electric appliance invades the water. Therefore, the leakage prevention treatment of the gas water heater needs to be strict. The installation position of the water heater must have sufficient displacement and unobstructed floor drain, so that the safety valve is drained when the water pressure of the water supply pipeline exceeds the standard. The water can flow smoothly into the sewer pipe to avoid loss of user property.

Anti-poisoning treatment

Gas water heaters are equipment that uses gas to supply water. Compared with ordinary water heaters, there is one more place to pay attention to - gas poisoning. The gas water heater must be installed outside the bathroom (except for balancing machines) and installed. The smoke pipe ensures that the smoke is unblocked and discharged outdoors. When bathing in a closed air non-circulating space, the bathing time should not exceed 20 minutes, avoiding the lack of oxygen in the bathroom to endanger personal safety.

Antifreeze treatment

In winter, the temperature is low and the water pipes are easy to freeze. Therefore, when installing the gas water heater, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat preservation effect of the water heater. When the outdoor temperature is lower than 0 °C, the inlet and outlet pipes should be insulated and antifreeze to avoid damage caused by freezing and avoiding damage. The water temperature is low due to the long pipeline. When the water pipe is wrapped with the heat insulating material, the safety valve cannot be wrapped for the drainage operation of the appliance; when the outdoor temperature is lower than 0 °C, the antifreeze operation is carried out according to the requirements of the instruction manual or the antifreeze warning sticker of the fuselage.
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precision tube for bearing rings

Product Description
Product Name
10#,20#,45#,Q345,A106-B,20Cr,15CrMo,St37,St42,ASTM 4140 etc.
Cold Rolled
Wall Thickness
5.8m~12m/customized design
Surface Treatment
black painting, varnish, oil, galvanized, anti corrosion coatings
1. Bundle packing.
2. Bevelled end or plain end or warnished as per buyer's required.
3. Marking: as per customer's requests.
1 ton for normal material
Payment Terms
T/T,L/C etc
Chemical Component Analysis, Mechanical Properties,
Exterior Size Inspection, hydraulic testing etc.
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Quick Details

JIS G3455-2005, JIS G3445-2006, DIN 2391, DIN EN 10025, ASTM A106-2006, ASTM A53-2007, ASTM A179-1990, BS EN10025, GB/T 8163-1999, GB/T 8162-1999, API 5L
Grade Group:
A53-A369, 16Mn, 10#-45#, Cr-Mo alloy, ST35-ST52, Q195-Q345
A53(A,B), A106(B,C), A179-C, A178-C, 16Mn, 10#, 20#, 45#, 34CrMo4, 30CrMo, St35.8, St35.4, Q235, Q345
1.5 - 25 mm mm
Section Shape:
Outer Diameter(Round):
10 - 335 mm mm
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Structure Pipe
Cold Rolled
Surface Treatment:
as customer request
Special Pipe:
thin wall pipe
Alloy Or Not:
Is Alloy
Product name:
din2391 seamless precision bearing steel tube 100cr6
Square. Rectangular.Round
Construction Structure
Payment terms:
25 Ton
End protector:
Plastic Pipe Cap Iron Protector

precision tube for bearing rings

din2391 seamless precision bearing steel tube 100cr6

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