What are some common misunderstandings for wallpaper?

When we choose to buy wallpapers, we often enter many misunderstandings, such as excessive attention to the wallpaper's colors and ignore its material, as well as environmental aspects, there is more concerned about the price to ignore the quality, today Xiaobian give everyone that What are the common misunderstandings when it comes to wallpaper shopping? I hope you can help everyone!

First, focus on style more than material

Nowadays, many friends like to choose wallpapers with different styles and colors when decorating the wall. However, there are many wallpapers on the market. Among them, paper-based pvc wallpaper accounts for more than half, raw material costs are relatively low, and some imported pvc wallpapers are very expensive. Don't be too rude when it comes to price. This kind of wallpaper can be easily identified by tearing (the obvious two-layered structure with elastic surface) and burning (black smoke and pungent smell).

Second, more concerned about the scale of the store

Many homeowners may be more concerned about the scale of the store when selecting wallpapers. How large the scale may be, and they may feel more trustworthy. Now the wallpaper shop that everyone sees is basically the name of the store (part of which is based on one of the wallpaper brands sold in the store. Named), the real single wallpaper brand store is very rare, so it is not a large sample of the most popular wallpaper to buy the most (including the price), to ask them each shop agent brand or main brand, so The prices obtained are probably the most authentic and reliable, and it is very common for many samples to repeat sales in each store.

Third, compare prices

Sometimes, some homeowners choose wallpapers and they are looking at prices. They think that prices and quality are proportional to each other. As long as they are expensive, they must be of good quality. Actually, there is a certain relationship between the price of expensive materials and the grade of materials. But the key lies in the combination of the use of materials and the specific space environment. If the selection and combination of materials are not well handled, even if the use of expensive imported materials, the effect will be poor.

Fourth, do not pay attention to environmental protection

Environmental protection is the ultimate pursuit of decoration, and it is also our bottom line. Decorative effects are important, but their environmental protection deserves our attention. Therefore, when choosing materials, owners should not only pay attention to the surface!

Fifth, pay attention to environmental protection but I do not know how to detect

The environmental protection of the wallpaper is not related to its material. The on-site inspection method is to determine whether it can be determined by burning a sample or by smelling. In addition, the children's room should not use pvc wallpaper!

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