Improve the performance and service life of the vacuum pump 3 ways

When the vacuum pump used in industrial production, may due to various aspects of failure, will gradually reduce the performance of the vacuum pump, thereby reducing its life cycle. Then Xiaobian here to introduce you to improve the performance and service life of the vacuum pump 3 methods. 3 ways to improve the pump performance and service life First, the reliability of the design and manufacture Reliability of the design and manufacture is very important, because once there is a congenital design flaw, it is bound to seriously affect the performance and life cycle of the vacuum pump . The reliability of the design and manufacture of equipment to eliminate the birth defects, not only to meet the needs of production, but also to make long-term operation of the vacuum pump, thus saving maintenance costs. Second, the correct installation, operation and professional operation Vacuum pump installation and commissioning before, should carefully study the design requirements of the vacuum pump, especially in the manual of some precautions, do not rely entirely on their own experience in the installation, commissioning. For example, before driving should pay attention to what time: 1, select the appropriate installation height, to prevent cavitation; 2, before driving the vacuum pump should remove all debris; 3, the coupling is not connected, you should double check the motor Whether the direction of rotation with the vacuum pump design in the same direction. Third, regular maintenance of the vacuum pump and carry out predictive maintenance Any mechanical device has a certain life expectancy, a complete vacuum pump consists of many parts, therefore, vacuum pump failure is an extremely inevitable phenomenon. Just as our private cars require regular maintenance every year, like regular predictive maintenance, periodic predictive maintenance of the vacuum pump is necessary to improve the performance of the vacuum pump and to extend the life of the vacuum pump, and to check and eliminate potential problems before they fail Hidden dangers, so will greatly improve its service life. (Editor: Li Juan) An expanded reading: 2016 Beijing Petroleum Exhibition pump and valve pipe fittings exhibition information 2016 exhibition information 2016 China World Expo

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